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John Gibson Treats Ann Coulter Like A Normal Person

Reported by Deborah - April 22, 2006

John Gibson had Ann Coulter come on his show to talk about the new economic poll numbers but everyone knows that was just an excuse. I wish Gibson had just introduced her honestly as the out of control, Republican, crazy woman who entertains conservatives with her nasty, heartless and meaningless cheap shots. Instead, he just treated her like a normal person asking her for some answers to the economic problems reflected in the recent poll.

When Gibson asked her about the 60% who name the price of oil their #1 concern, Coulter was not exactly a great source of constructive information.After getting a dig in about objections to ANWR drilling she said , " This was not a war for oil" adding that she wouldn't rest until that was known. "We'll steal their oil later."

Gibson continued to play straight man asking her about people's concern that mortgage rates are rising. Coulter
was ready. " Anyone who hasn't bought a house already, hasn't been paying attention." Then she found a way to repeat her favorite of the day, this time laughing out loud sounding pretty odd.
"We ought to drill in ANWR and bomb more middle eastern countries and steal their oil."

When they shifted to the election, Coulter destroyed any chance Republicans might have in 2006 by insulting Independants saying that elections are decided by the "stupidest 10%, Independants. They go both ways"

She continued her schtick while Gibson had that indulgent and amused look of expectation. She called Democrats insane, brought up Jimmy Carter and gas lines, zapped Howard Dean and even managed to get Jane Fonda in there.However, she did not say one thing that was intelligent, informed or informative.Gibson gave Coulter a plug for her mystery book coming out soon while she beamed .

comment: Our national consciousness is undergoing a shift right now and certain people are not going to maintain relevance. Anyone remember Ann Coulter?

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