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On Fox Rumsfeld Admits - Democracy Could Fail In Afghanistan, Too

Reported by Donna - April 20, 2006

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (time slot 12 - 1 p.m.) he had a segment with Bret Baier at the Pentagon who described seven Pakistanian soldiers killed in an ambush near the Afghanistan border. He said that attacks have increased in deadliness.

Baier said that senior commanders are tying some of the violence and most of the funding of enemy fire in Afhganistan to the growing drug trade there. He reported that It has been strong in recent years. He also had the nerve to say, "We've reported on it many times." (Comment: What? I think I've reported on it many times, Fox goes out of it's way to not talk about the poppy/heroin problem and how much it has increased since we went to war with them)

He also reported that some analysts (Comment: I guess that's better than some 'people') think the poppy/opium trade is taking over Afghanistans economy with roughly 3 billiion dollars in illicit drug trade. (Comment: It's been reported by other news sources that Afghanistan now supplies 90% of the world's heroin). Baier said that it's a problem Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was asked about this week.

Cut to video of Donald Rumsfeld:

Donald Rumsfeld: The hold of narcotics is powerful and the money that comes through narcotics trade is enormous and is a risk to Afghanistan. It's a risk that through corruption it could adversely affect the democratic process in that country. I think the government is sensitive to that.

Bret Baier finished up by saying, "Multiple government agencies and multiple several countries are helping the Karzai government deal with that."

Comment: No mention at all that the poppy/heroin trade has become huge under the Bush Administration. Another failure to plan, another failure in the fight on terror. By setting aside Afghanistan and going to his war based on lies, this president has risked and endangered several countries. Iraq is a failure, Afghanistan is failing and now there are ambushes on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

I'd say this is another case of failure by the Bush Administration. As for Fox covering the drug trade many times? Yes, I've seen them cover how they had 3 or 4 guys out in the poppy fields (this was actual video) with sticks knocking down the poppy plants. That's how Fox covered it - in the pretense that they were actually cracking down on the poppy growth when in reality it's grown bigger than it's ever been since we invaded Afghanistan.

Maybe someone shouldn't have taken his eyes off of the objective and followed through on the real war on terror, captured it's leader and kept poppy production from accelerating and funding terrorism all over again.

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