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Gibson bashes "elite media" Thomas Friedman

Reported by Chrish - April 20, 2006

John, you are so out of your league.

Using his "My Word" segment yesterday 4/19/06 John Gibson criticized Thomas Friedman's comments on "The Today Show" about oil and gas prices:

"I hope the Iranians get as crazy as they want. My attitude toward the president of Iran is 'You go, girl,' because the faster we get to $100 a barrel, pal, the quicker we're going to get back to $20. Because when we go to $100/barrel, then you're going to see all these people change their behavior and their oil-buying habits and their car-buying habits in a fundamental way."

Gibson doesn't get it. He puts on his populist persona, which doesn't fit him at all, and accuses Friedman of being indifferent to the suffering that those kinds of prices would bring to working people. He gets out his widest paint brush and says "As far as the media elite is concerned, evidently the quicker you are made to suffer for your evil oil-guzzling ways, the better off we'll all be."

In a sly acknowledgement of Friedman's incredible grasp on global political and socio-economic issues Gibson says

"Now Friedman probably knows exactly how much unemployment this will cause. He probably knows how many people will lose their homes. He probably knows how many kids won't be able to go to college. He probably knows something of the social unrest that could happen if the U.S. economy is hit with $100/barrel oil.

And since he's an international columnist, he probably also knows how many people in Third World countries who are now surviving because of the American consumer will end up jobless and back to eating dirt because of $100/barrel oil."

He contends that Friedman doesn't care about the suffering and "economic dislocation" caused, he only wants to be proved right after being "ignored" for so long. Sour grapes make a nasty whine, John.

Friedman is hardly ignored. He is an internationally known and respected journalist whose latest book, "The World Is Flat [Updated and Expanded] : A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century " was released this week and sits at number 5 on Amazon. The earlier edition, released in 2003, is still sitting pretty at #77. To put it in some perspective, Gibson's 2005 "War on Christmas" currently resides at #21,505 Amazon Lane, and his 2004 "Hating America"? #387,250. John, you are so out of your league.

Perhaps Friedman's warnings were not heeded by this reckless and incompetent administration. They didn't listen to the intelligence that didn't support their agenda, they didn't listen to the generals executing their war, and they didn't listen to the Weather Channel; why would they listen to someone who is trying to tell them we are in the fast lane on the highway to hell?

As the climate warms and the population continues to increase exponentially, we, all of us, are going to have to change our consumer ways if we want to sustain the planet for future generations. It's mathematically impossible to keep on keeping on as we are without crashing. All Friedman is saying is "let's get this over with" and slap people into the reality that our way of life, the comparative luxury we live in, has to be curtailed. Of course it's going to have economic impact - our economy is based on consumption. The transition is likely to be painful and we are weenies.

People are not going to hear it from this administration. Hopefully, though, Friedman has started a dialog among people, where the action always has to start.

So throw away the g.d. leaf blowers and if your yard is less than an acre sell the riding mower and get some exercise. Don't buy an SUV or a Hummer - they make you look shortsighted (stupid) and arrogant. Leave the a/c off at night and listen to the crickets. That's not elitist, that's smart.

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