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Sean Hannity’s Bigotry On Display Again

Reported by Ellen - April 19, 2006

Back-to-back segments on Hannity & Colmes (4/18/06) about Natalee Holloway and the Duke rape case once again highlighted the contradictions in Sean Hannity’s attitude toward whites and blacks.

First we had blonde Beth Holloway Twitty making her millionth appearance on FOX News. Twiity accused Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers, who have not been legally charged with any crime, of being “the original perpetrators” against her daughter. Was Hannity concerned about them being tried in the media, rather than in a court of law? Absolutely not. In fact, he egged her on.

Asking for Twitty's reaction to the news that a fourth young man had been arrested, Hannity said, “Your suspicions lie back with Joran and the other two. Tell us why, especially in light of this, people think this is a huge break in the case.”

Twitty said she thought the arrested man is more a case of “information than involvement… We all know who Natalee’s original perpetrators were and are and that’s Joran Van Der Sloot and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.”

No objection from Hannity. And, as usual, nobody mentioned Natalee’s not-so-becoming behavior the night she got drunk and took off with strange boys while in a foreign country.

That was a complete contrast to the presentation of the Duke rape case. In that discussion, Hannity banged his hand on the table in outrage over what he considered irresponsible allegations against the white, Duke LaCrosse team. “Something does not seem right about the way this case is being handled. It’s being tried in the public, there seems to be a rush to judgement.”

Hannity continued by attacking the character of the black accuser. “(She was) not just drunk. She was asleep, passed out in the car.” Hannity acknowledged that just because she was drunk didn’t mean she hadn’t been raped. “But we learn about her background, we learn about her history, we hear about larceny, we hear she was not just intoxicated but passed-out drunk.” Comment: Natalee Holloway may well have been passed-out drunk and there have been allegations that she had drugs in her possession, too. But you never hear about that on H&C.

Props to Lis Wiehl for telling Hannity that HE had just made a rush to judgment by attacking the Duke accuser. “You cannot convict the alleged victim here.”

Alan Colmes said, “I feel there’s sexism here.” (Comment: Yes, that, too). He noted how “some” keep calling the woman a stripper and that she’s also a single mother of two. He added that one of the accused also has charges against him elsewhere. “So it seems very one-sided on the part of some. There’s baggage to go around. And what about the background of some of these players?” Colmes also pointed out that the players had gotten drunk and hired a stripper. “That’s not the best behavior in the world, is it?”

Funny, how Hannity never seemed to consider that.

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