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FOX News Says If We Don’t Go To War With Iran, A Nuclear Weapon Will Go Off In The United States In The Next Few Years And It Will Be All The Fault Of The Liberals

Reported by Ellen - April 19, 2006

Cham Dallas, of the Center for Mass Destruction Defense, appeared on Hannity & Colmes (4/18/06) with a contraption he called a mock-up of a nuclear weapon similar to what we used against Hiroshima and “similar to what Iran is developing now.” He made a point of saying, in close-together sentences, that we used this bomb 60 years ago and that Iran and North Korea are about 60 years behind us.

“A device this size in New York City would kill about half a million people,” Dallas said.

“Is it as simple as pushing a button?” Alan Colmes asked. “You could put this in a van… in the back of a car even?”

Yes, Dallas said, it’s a misconception that a missile or airplane is needed.

Colmes wondered how easy it really would be to do. Dallas said very easy. “All we have to do is look at how efficient we’re stopping the drugs from coming into the country… It’s a bit of a mystery to me that it hasn’t happened yet. I would have expected it by now. One thing is for sure is every year that goes by, it only becomes more likely as more and more unstable states like Iran (he glanced at Sean Hannity) get these materials.”

Sean Hannity began his part of the discussion by suggesting a new reason to hate Mexicans. “We’ve combined this issue with our border issue.” Comment: Notice that he didn't mention the ports issue.

Then Hannity offered a new reason for the audience to hate liberals. “The left has politicized the Iraq war so bad we can’t even act in Iran because they politicized that already.” As he spoke the screen showed a map of New York City with a target marked “ground zero” and a color chart on the side indicating “mortality probability percentages.”

Hannity continued, “Where do we step in and say if we don’t stop this now we will see an American city hit with a nuclear device?”

Dallas said that it is his opinion and that of most of the experts he knows, that in the “next couple of years” – a bomb will go off in an American city. He said “virtually all” the experts agree “it will happen at some point.” He added, “I don’t see any way we’ll avoid it outside of five years, not with Iran getting nuclear weapons.”

Colmes said, “Doesn’t our own intelligence say Iran is 10 years away from this?”

Dallas said with obvious skepticism, “That’s what SOME of them are saying.”

What ever happened to “we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here?”

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