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That Sound You Hear Is The Fox War Drum

Reported by Chrish - April 18, 2006

Yesterday 4/17/06 on Fox News Live, Jane Skinner interviewed two morning regulars, Jim Warren of the Chicago Tribune and Tammy Bruce, right wing radio talk show host. Jane started off by asking if the report about Iran having suicide bomber squadrons ready to strike at American and British targets in the event of an American attack on iran's nuclear sites, is “just bluster.” She then referenced Bill Kristol’s statement that the Iran solution “can’t be kicked down the road forever.”

Warren responded by stating that a military strike by the US would only provoke an Iranian military response; and as such, the US and Europeans should try to isolate Iran using diplomacy.

Skinner asked Tammy “what the voters – especially your audience – are thinking.” (Comment: to associate Tammy’s audience with critical thought process is a bit of a stretch!). Rather than cite what her fans are telling her, Bruce went into a monologue about how “even isolating Iran won’t make a difference” and made the perfunctory comment about Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the map. She then said, “we have to respect Bush for doing what he thinks is right.” (Comment: Bush was wrong about Iraq and no, we are not required to “respect” him). According to Tammy, “in this instance Bush thinks striking Iran is right because we will have to do it sooner or later.” She asserted that “the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be because the left and the naysayers will affect the morale of the troops.” Tammy claimed that the “Iranians don’t support their regime” (a questionable assumption) and said, “war is always unpleasant and nobody wants it; but we know what happened in the 30’s.” Jim attempted to say something but she continued to talk over him and predicted that the strike will occur before the fall election.

Comment: According to the latest reports, Bush is still talking about working on a diplomatic solution to the Iran issue while, at the same time, not ruling out military force. Do Tammy and Fox know something that we don’t know? Fox‘s coverage of Iran’s nuclear enrichment has ratcheted up lately with the same Iranian military parade film footage shown on each news report. I found it rather disconcerting to hear Ms. Bruce’s dire predictions (uninterrupted by Jane Skinner) said in her well-modulated voice. What was even more disconcerting was her self-assured smirk while she was speaking of American military escalation – an escalation that would result in further destabilization in the already unstable and violent Middle East.


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