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O'Reilly & Cavuto FOX Class Warriors

Reported by Deborah - April 17, 2006

Neil Cavuto appeared with Bill O'Reilly tonight to talk about the $400 million package recieved by Exxon CEO, Lee Raymond. Neil Cavuto, of course was all for it claiming that CEO's deserved the lavish sums but tonight, Bill O'Reilly was a man of the people condemning corporate excess and EXXON . He even sounded like an environmentalist promoting alternative fuels. It was a good show, if you could forget how much money O'Reilly probably makes himself.

O'Reilly claimed that he was never going to buy a drop of gas from EXXON again. Condemning the exit package given to Raymond, he said it was too much money for one man to get. Cavuto defended the huge package because Raymond had given 43 years to EXXON and deserved it adding that all CEO's deserved huge compensation.

When Cavuto praised Raymond for increasing refining capacity of EXXON, O'Reilly wanted to know why he didn't develop ethanol so we could be approaching energy independence like Brazil. Cavuto claimed O'Reilly was on a slippery slope and continued to praise our "booming economy".

They got some digs in throughout the exchange. O'Reilly mentioned Cavuto's VP status at FOX and Cavuto mentioned BOR's salary. When O'Reilly made a comment about China Cavuto said, "I'd like to see you move to China." Cavuto ended the discussion with, " I won't attack your salary, if you don't attack a CEO's salary."

comment: In the end, it was just a little theater for the FOX viewers. O'Reilly was in his "everyman" mode and Cavuto was in his usual obnoxious role of " rich man above the squalor of the humanity". Although O'Reilly said all the right things while in his "everyman" persona, the $3. gas won't phase him one bit and you can be sure his thermostat wasn't down to 60 degrees all winter to save money like mine.

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