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The Sterilization of Academia: David Horowitz Wants to Expand His "Academic Bill of Rights" to Grades K through 12

Reported by Marie Therese - April 13, 2006

On April 6th during an exchange with co-host Alan Colmes on Hannity & Colmes, David Horowitz, author of The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, claimed that nowhere in his book did he attack professors for political activities or views expressed outside the classroom. In light of this, on April 10th Media Matters for America published a list of eight instances in which Mr. Horowitz slimed teachers not because of what they said inside the classroom but because of what they did outside the classroom.

Last night, during a second appearance on Hannity & Colmes, Horowitz was once again confronted by Alan Colmes on this topic.

COLMES: Media Matters came up with a list of items in your book, for example, where you criticize teachers for what they do outside the classroom, though you claimed on the show last time you go after them for what they do in the classroom.


COLMES: You went after Angela Davis because she spoke at antiwar rallies and David Cole at Georgetown for being a member of the Center for Constitutional Rights. You've attacked teachers for what they do totally outside the classroom in your book.

HOROWITZ: This is not true, Alan, and, look, Media Matters is a smear site and I'd rather, actually ...

COLMES: No, it's not.

HOROWITZ: It's a total smear site. I would like ...

COLMES: Oh, come on, David, they put the truth out there.

HOROWITZ: I'd like to - look - my, my camp - that's just false. In my book I have four - I think there are four accusations against teachers and they all have to do with unprofessional conduct. The fact that I describe who they are is not the same as saying that I consider this a fault.

From this point on the interview digressed into an assault by Horowitz and Sean Hannity on grade school teachers, precipitated by the story (covered earlier in the show) of an outraged mother's vendetta against an 8th grade science teacher In Alabama who allegedly allowed his 13-year-old students to view an online video entitled American Civics Volume II. The satirical, anti-conservative film uses the word "a**hole" many times to describe George Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and, of course, Sean Hannity.

The original incident occurred well over a month ago, but the irate mother, Mrs. Christy Jackson, was not happy that the teacher only received a censure from the school district. She wanted him to be treated more severely. Although she is on record as being opposed to firing the teacher, Steve White, she took her case to the conservative media, seeking justice for her son.

Mr. White, a registered Democrat and candidate for state representative, is now at the center of a firestorm of controversy. In addition to the initial censure, he has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. Mrs. Jackson was only too happy to appear on FOX last, telling her tale of woe to Colmes and then Hannity in the self-effacing manner of a true daughter of the South.

Hannity & Colmes' interview with Mrs. Jackson afforded Horowitz an ideal opportunity to advocate that his represssive set of "rules" for university professors, which he calls the "Academic Bill of Rights," should now be applied to grade school teachers as well.

HOROWITZ: ... Anyway the slogan of my campaign now is "Take politics out of the classroom" and I think what this Alabama incident shows is that we need K-12 academic bill of rights legislation. When you have - the worst thing this woman said was that administrators paid no attention to her until she went to the media.

Not exactly true. Mrs. Jackson clearly stated several times that she was unhappy with the DEGREE of punishment. She did not say that the "administration paid no attention to her."

HOROWITZ: Where are the adults here? Don't they - who is enforcing ..

HANNITY: I agree.

HOROWITZ: ... decency in the schools. We need legislation that says no politics in the classroom!

HANNITY: Hey, David ...

HOROWITZ: No obsenity in the K-12 classrooms, that teachers have to behave!

HANNITY: David, if, if somebody's a Nazi outside of the classroom, are they fit to teach children in the classroom - if they're a Klansman?

HOROWITZ: Good, good - ya' know - great question. I believe if their politics stops at the classroom door, if they're teaching physics and all they do is teach physics and they do it professionally, we live in a society where we have a First Amendment which means every American has the right to embarrass themselves in public.

HANNITY: Well ...

HOROWITZ: What they don't have a right to do is to go into a classroom and take ...

HANNITY: See, I disagree. I think - I think if you're a Klansman on the weekend and you're a Nazi on the weekend and then you want to go to a public school and teach, I have a problem with that 'cause you're not the best person qualified for that job. That's a discernment.

HOROWITZ: Yeah, but ...

HANNITY: You can find better people. Go ahead.

HOROWITZ: Right. Well, I mean if you're a - it's like saying if you have a surgeon who's a Nazi, I mean, if he's saving Jews in the operating room, I don't have a problem with that. The - you know - we have professional standards in a classroom


HOROWITZ: We're losing them. We're losing them rapidly in this country.

The remainder of the interview featured the two men bashing University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, whom Horowitz debated last week at George Washington University. Horowitz ended by saying "Let me just say that there are thousands of Ward Churchills on university campuses and I have demonstrated that in my book. There are quite a few of them in my book. What Ward Churchill believes is that every American is a Nazi. That's what that statement about 9-11 [was]. That America is worse than Hitler Germany. It's running a global genocide machine, which is what he's actually said. That capitalism, instead of being a system that creates wealth for hundreds of millions and billions of people all over the world, is one that starves them. That's his position. It's idiotic. It's certifiable, but that's what he's teaching."

If you would like to listen to an audio feed of the Churchill-Horowitz debate, go to the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center.

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