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Investment Advice a la Fox News: The Economy Won't Prosper Unless We "Put a Bullet" in Zacarias Moussaoui's Head & "Toss Him in the Dumpster."

Reported by Melanie - April 13, 2006

Jonathan Hoenig, of the aptly named CapitalistPig Hedge Fund LLC and a long time member of Fox's "business team," made an appearance on Your World w/Cavuto yesterday (April 12, 2006). Hoenig appeared with another Fox favorite, Herman Cain, an up-and-coming African-American GOP spinmeister and the former president of Godfather's Pizza, in a segment titled, "Moussaoui Trial: Reminder of What's at Stake?"

In his intro, Cavuto reminded viewers that after 9/11 "the market" fell 600+ points and he implied it could drop that much again depending on the outcome of the Moussaoui case in The Ongoing War on Terror. Cavuto, feigning stupidity, as is his MO, asked Hoenig: Is Moussaoui, "an important reminder of just what is at stake in the ongoing war on terror?"


I think the market will be worried, to be honest, if he gets off.

He should be put to death. To be honest, I'm surprised we're giving him the courtesy of a trial Neil. If I had my way, we'd bring him out back, put a bullet in his head and toss him in the dumpster. This is an evil monster and I just don't see how society can prosper, how the economy can prosper, if this guy lives.

We're really talking about the future of civilization. This is an evil man. This is evil incarnate. This isn't just a bad guy. It's the same kind of philosophy, whether it be the terrorists who cutoff the head of the journalist Berg, or whether the Shah - the, ah, madmen who run Iran. The only way to deal with this evil is to cut it down, not to placate it, not to be nice to it.

So, as tough as it is, we have to be as vigilant as possible about striking these evil-doers down.

Comment: Fox's version of "business news." Then again, maybe I'm too cynical. Maybe Hoenig was recommending that investors buy stocks in bullet and dumpster companies.

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