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Shepard Smith Let's Loose And Poses The Question Of Why This Administration Kept Saying There Were WMD'S

Reported by Donna - April 12, 2006

There were two reports on Studio B with Shepard Smith regarding the report from the U.S. Defense Team that came out two days before the president made his speech saying we had found mobile labs containing WMD's. Wendall Goler reported that the defense team said these were not mobile labs containing WMD's. The president's answer? He never saw the report.

But what was more interesting was an offhand comment by Shepard Smith right before he went to a commercial preceding the second report.

After the commercial break Smith spoke with Lawrence Korb, former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan and now a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Smith pointed out that the defense team statement that the mobile labs weren't carrying WMD's was filed 2 days before the president made his speech in April, maked 'secret' and put on a shelf. He also said that Vice President, Dick Cheney was still saying in September that they had found mobile labs with Weapons of Mass Destruction. Korb weighed in that in January of 2004 then Director of the CIA, George Tenet ,was still saying they had found these mobile labs with WMD's in them.

Korb's conclusions were that people were afraid to tell their bosses something that didn't coincide with the way they were thinking. (Comment: Of course we all know by now what their bosses were 'thinking' -- that the President wanted to go to war and cherry picked the intelligence in order to go there) Korb said that people looked for info that supported their bosses beliefs.

Smith then brought up the important question of why should people now believe anything about Iran. Korb said that Donald Rumsfeld should probably step down and it was time for someone, possibly Condoleeza Rice, to come clean and state all of the mistakes that were made in going to war with Iraq because there was a big credibility problam with this president and his administration when it came to talking about intelligence on Iran. Apparently the American people don't find the president and his administration credible anymore.

But it was what Smith said before the commercial break before the Korb segment that caught my ear. He said, "We know there were no WMD's, what is most confusing is why they kept saying there were."

Comments: Yes, Shepard, why, indeed, did they keep saying that we found WMD's? If there were questions, which apparently there were, that the mobile labs didn't contain WMD's, why go ahead with the speech? Why did the VP speak about them in September, 2003? Why was George Tenet still saying it in January, 2004?

Credit to Smith for some straight shooting although he did say at the end of the segment that none of this said the president had said an 'untruth.' (Comment: Of course not)

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