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Hannity and Colmes Mini-me segment

Reported by Chrish - April 12, 2006

I tuned in for a rare look at Hannity and Colmes last night 4/10/06 and thought it was a Twilight Zone episode. The characters were the same: the the obnoxious overbearing right-winger shouting and the mild-mannered well-spoken polite progressive trying to get a word in, but they were women! What's going on here?

Turns out it was a debate of the usual sort between Michelle Dallacroce from Mothers Against Illegal Aliens and protest organizer Chung-Wha Hong, of the New York Immigration Coalition. The MAIA webpage was a tip-off to Dallacroce's hyperactive emotional style, with 20!! exclamation points in the mission statement alone. The lapel pin on her red leather look-at-me jacket was an American flag pin, upside down to signal a distress call. Oh brother. On the other hand the NYIC site was all business, as was Ms. Hong.

Dallacroce, who is from Arizona, has the extremist view that the illegal immigrants are represented by La Raza, MEcHa, and LULAC and these three along with the Catholic Church are helping the immigrants "only for monetary reasons." She also blames politicians and singles out Ted Kennedy (much to Hannity's amusement and agreement) because he was in Washington talking to the crowds there through an interpreter.

Hannity turned to Hong and asked "Do laws matter?" He hit the talking points (why should they be rewarded for illegal behaviour, why can they just "cut" in line) and when she tried to respond with her organization's view he cut her off. Several times she began to answer or make a statement but Hannity interrupted her with his infamous bully technique. Dallacroce jumped in from afar saying "why don't you just answer the question." Finally Colmes took over and summed up quickly an historical point that Hing was using to explain how we got here and steered a question to Dallacroce.

He looked for clarification of her earlier assertion that all illegal immigrants want to take over the country and asked if that's her view of all illegal immigrants? She said that's not what she is saying, it's what they are saying. She invites him to come to her town, where she feels she is not getting the proper respect she deserves as an Air Force veteran and American, they think this is their land, and they want to take over the southwest. Colmes restates that that's a very broad statement that doesn't apply to millions of immigrants who come here to make a better life, and she loudly overtalks saying Alan, you and I know they're not coming here to make a better life, they're coming here to steal - they're not learning English, they're using our hospitals... Colmes is refuting her sweeping statements ("You are flaming people and using wrong statisitics") and she is yelling back over him,, and doesn't stop her speech when Colmes tries to turn to Hong. She continues to shout and interrupt from off-screen (Hong is in the studio, Dallaforce is remote) and it is near impossible to make out what Hong says.

For the record, since I have it recorded and can replay and replay unlike your average nightly viewer to discern what Hong IS saying, she said the predominant message she heard at the NYC protest was "we are America (no they're not!!), we are bringing our talent, our hard work, our family values to America (then why do you send $53 billion back to Mexico??) let's use that to strengthen our country.* Immigrants are willing to work hard to make this a better place to live for everybody. (They're tearing apart our country!!) At *this point there was split screen of the two women and Dallacroce was rolling her eyes and making faces at what Hong was saying.

Colmes addressed Dallacroce again (and note that Hong didn't once shout or interrupt) and was saying that "her" policy of deporting illegal immigrants would break up families and she began shouting over him "That's not my problem!! They should have thought of that before they came here illegally!!" She added the charge of child abuse to their crimes for bringing their families here too.

Hannity (who sounded like he has a cold) said they were out of time. I suspect that he was not well enough to shout and carry on so they got this equally obnoxious surrogate to keep the hysteria level up. I suspect that she doesn't get the respect she thinks she deserves because she treats other people like crap.

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