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The Big Snorey obsesses about Duke University rape case

Reported by Chrish - April 11, 2006

OK, we've pretty well documented that FOX News Channel's agenda is to a.) promote Bush and his administration, b.) promote right-wing Republican ideology, and 3.) distract from troublesome storie lines that may impede 1 or 2. John Gibson was in full distraction mode today 4/11/06 on The Big Story, devoting 14 minutes in four segments to the Duke University rape scandal. To be honest I forwarded through all of it because IT DOESN'T MATTER, except to the families and local community involved. It's a beautiful example of "real journalism" FOX not being able to spin the collapsing Bush numbers so they just shout "Look over here!"

In contrast, 3 minutes were devoted to the Iranian uranium enrichment announced today. One interesting tidbit that came from that segment with Bret Baier was that Iran has 164 centrifuges that produced low grade enriched uranium. To make a nuclear bomb scientists say they'd need 1,500 centrifuges running for about a year, for the high quality needed for said bomb, so scientists estimate 3-5 years for Iran to make a bomb.

In a 2 minute segment on the economy Dagan McDowell told us that gas prices are up because the economy is so darn good and they should peak right around Memorial Day, IF there is not a big hurricane before that (comment: that the oil companies can exploit to further raise prices). IF there is a weather incident then "...all bets are off. You could see three-and-a-half, four bucks for a gallon of gas, but let's not scare people."

Comment: LOL, that's a first on FOX!

There were three segments on immigration. The first segment featured Michael Reagan and compared the treatment of illegal immigrants in this country to the treatment afforded immigrants in Mexico. The ungrateful immigrants to this country have busted us (Don't look at that Iraq war tab!) and the contemptible Mexican gendarmes will rape (and pillage; yes he said that) women trying to cross the border if they don't hide their feminine curves. They're corrupt (except for Vicente Fox) and that's why they can't take care of their people, forcing them to run here.

The next segment featured former Representative Bob Dornan (R-CA) who cried that he lost his recent re-election bid because illegal immigrants voted. More on that in a seperate post.

The third and final segment focused on a California town, Maywood, which is putting out the welcome mat and declaring itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. As a result their population has swelled from some 30,000 to 45,000. While many residents are supportive, "there are others" who are not and one of those others had his say on camera.

Hoy tenemos mucha propaganda y pelusa! El mismo viejo, igual viejo.

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