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More of Ann Coulter's "Godless" BS

Reported by Melanie - April 11, 2006

Ann Coulter made her quarterly visit to Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (April 11, 2006). She has a new book coming out in June (on 6-6-06) titled GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism. As usual, she was full of Godless lies and exaggerations today, and here are some of the doozies.

Cavuto introduced her:

"All right. June 6, 2006. Six, six, six, a sign of the devil, they say, and this year, the release of Godless, Ann Coulter's new book and the latest attack on the liberals." Hoping to pave the way for Coulter to rant about Godless liberals, Cavuto continued "That can't be an accident, can it?"

Coulter: "No. It's my little tribute to liberals, to have it come out on six, six, six."

Cavuto, still hoping for serious dirt, wondered: "What are you saying?"

Coulter: "Godless. That's all I can tell you - what the title is." I'm "not talkin' about the book until six, six, six. You'll get me in trouble with my publicist."


- "We're not going to have a process for people to become citizens or have borders to the country."

- We'll be, "the only country in the world that doesn't say we have a border and here it is..."

- "We're the only country that seems to think it's unsporting not to let anyone just come and become a citizen."

- "All these immigration laws protect are people who employ illegal immigrants who get the benefit of the cheap labor but don't have to pay for the hospitals, the schools, the roads...to support all of the infrastructure that illegal immigrants are taking advantage of."

- "I think there were about 10 protesters in Miami."

- "The ones who are helped the most are, you know, people with pools in Malibu getting the cheap pool-boy."


- The immigration issue is "not going to help" Republicans in the Senate. "I think it's going to help Republicans in the House a lot. I mean, once again, we see that all of our best Republicans are in the House of Representatives and I wish the Republicans would start looking there for the next presidential candidate."

- "House Republicans are magnificent."

- I wish Senate leaders, "would be honest and say we're not going to have borders."

- "Americans, get used to being the welfare state to the world now because anyone in the world can come."

- "Billions and billions of people" will come "because we don't have any borders."

- The "other side" acts as if it's anti-immigrant "to say that there ought to be a process for becoming a citizen..."

- "The position of many senate Republicans, all Democrats, and the president is no, we're not going to have any borders at all. We're not a country anymore."

- "America - not a country - just a big welfare state for the universe."

- "Elections do tend to be decided, one must admit, by the stupidest people in the middle," who will say, "let's give it to the Democrats without realizing Democrats will raise their taxes and surrender the war on terrorism."

- Democrats are unlikely to gain seats in November "because the base of their party, the majority of their party, are the insane Democrats."

- 20, 30, 40 years ago the Democrats, "weren't out of their minds and rooting for the terrorists to win."

Comment: Just thought I'd let you know what else Fox was up to this afternoon.

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