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Francine Busby "Scandal" Mentioned on Special Report - Ignored Scandals of Republicans Running for Same Seat

Reported by Janie - April 11, 2006

Democratic candidate for California's 50th district (left vacant by disgraced Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham) Francine Busby was highlighted on last night's Special Report (4/10) in a segment filed by Fox Correspondent Anita Vogel, in which the Republican attack ad against Busby was partially aired and the reasons for her possible win were distorted to favor the Republican party.

Anita Vogel opened with, " With disgraced former GOP Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham now in federal prison for taking bribes from defense contractors, his congressional seat is up for grabs. And no fewer than 18 candidates are vying to fill out the remainder of his term in a special election to be held tomorrow."

Brian Bilbray (clip): My experience as a local government official, I think is the secret weapon I've been able to use in Washington to get things done.

AV: "Polls show former Congressman Brian Bilbray is the favorite Republican in the race, but he's trailing Democratic school board official, Francine Busby, which is raising eyebrows in a heavily Republican district."

Vogel's report inserted a clip of a Republican attack ad on Busby with the voice over of the ad, "Busby has taken thousands of dollars of campaign money..."

AV: "Busby is running as an ethics reformer, but is under attack by the Republican National Committee with an ad campaign tying her to contributions from disgraced politicians, lobbyists and government contractors. Busby says she's leading in the polls are Republicans are scared."

Comment: They had the audacity to show a Republican attack ad against Busby the day before the special election, planting the seed that Busby is somehow corrupt, despite no proof that she has done anything wrong. They also neglect to mention the other candidates (Republicans) that have recently been part of a scandal, specifically Howard Kaloogian. Kaloogian is now famous for attempting to slam the media for their reporting on Iraq by showing a photo on his website of a peaceful street in "downtown Baghdad". The only problem? The photo was of Turkey - NOT Iraq. Of course, there was no mention of this - just what Republicans had to say about Busby.

Francine Busby (clip): "These ads are because the Washington insiders are desperate, and they're using money that Duke Cunningham and Tom DeLay have raised to bring it right back into this district, and try to keep politics as usual."

AV: "Although Busby is ahead, some say that's only because 14 Republican candidates are splitting the GOP vote. If no one gets more than 50% of the vote tomorrow, a run off among the top vote getters in each party will be held on June 6th, which just happens to be the same day those and others may be running in a primary election for this house seat, beginning next January."

Comment: I really want to know who these "some people" are, because they don't seem to have any idea what they're talking about! According to Wikipedia, Busby is polling at 45% while the entire group of Republicans are polling at 46%. Even if the votes weren't split through out 14 candidates, the Republicans would BARELY squeak out a win!

FB: "It's a very unusual situation and it's also important because it's the first Congressional campaign for 2006, so in addition to being confusing, it's also a very important race."

AV: "Important because political pundits across the country are watching this race very closely, to see what effect Congressional ethics scandals have had on the party in power. If a Democrat wins the seat in this GOP stronghold, it could result in wider problems for the majority party in Congress this November."

Comment: Ethics scandal? That's all this entire election is going to boil down to in Vogel's mind? If Busby wins, it won't just be about ethics, it's about Republican corruption, about the GOP consistently taking sides with big business over the American people, about the war in Iraq, about the impending war in Iran, about the Plame leak, about Iraq intelligence failures, about the President leaking classified information, the list just goes on and on.

The segment was used to get the attack ad onto the air the day prior the special election, place doubt in the mind of the voters, and to distort the reason Busby might actually win.

Note: The special election is taking place today, April 11th. For any readers in the 50th district of California - make sure you get out and vote!

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