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Iran Nuke Showdown - President Said We Will Use Diplomacy First - Didn't We Hear This Story Before?

Reported by Donna - April 10, 2006

Today a segment on Iran started with the ominous 'Iran Nuke Showdown" splashed across the screen. On Studio B with Trace Gallagher substituting for Shepard Smith today he spoke with Pentagon Correspondant, Bret Baier about the report that came out over the weekend from Seymour Hersh in The New Yorker Magazine.

Somehow the story sounded so much like 'been there, done that.'

The following is my transcript between Trace Gallagher and Bret Baier.

Trace Gallagher: President Bush called a report that the U.S. is planning a military strike against Iran, quote, 'wild speculation.' (Comment: Note how the word nuclear is missing) The Commander in Chief (Comment: Notice the need for a powerful title) insisting diplomacy is the first line of defense to diffuse the nuclear crisis. (Comment: Only the first line, later he'll say he'll use all diplomatic tracks.)

Gallagher then went to Bret Baier at the Pentagon.

Bret Baier: Hey, Trace. Today's comments on Iran come after conflicting reports out yesterday about how far along the Bush Administration is (his emphasis) in planning for a possible strike against Iran. (Comment: Again, no using the the word nuclear) (Aerial shot of buildings on the ground, I guess we're supposed to think they are nuclear arsenals?) Now, we've reported many times here on Studio B that military planners have been working on detailed plans to take out Iranian nuclear facilities if diplomacy fails. (Comment: The key words are 'if diplomacy fails')

And Defense Secretary Rumsfeld has told us that that planning is taking place and has said that the world has to pay attention to Iran's President who has said Israel should be wiped off the map. (Comment: Don't forget to forcefully say these things to instill fear) Rumsfeld comparing him to Hitler and Stalin. (Comment: More fear)

Well, in The New Yorker magazine article, writer Seymour Hirsh, takes it a step further. Saying U.S. troops are already in Iran gathering target data and that the presidents ultimate goal in the nuclear confrontation with Iran is regime change. (Comment: Now, where have we heard that before?) The administration is considering the use of a bunker buster tactical nuclear weapon against underground nuclear sites.

Switch to video of President Bush.

President Bush: I read the articles in the newspapers this weekend, it was just wild speculation, by the way. What you're reading is wild speculation. (Comment: Smiling smirk from the president and he's said before he doesn't read newspapers, so, is this a lie?)

Switch to video of what looks like a B-2 Spirit plane (like the bat plane) dropping bombs.

Bret Baier: Senior officials, intelligence officials, Pentagon officials all saying the same thing, that the diplomatic track is far from exhausted. (Comment: How far? Like 10 years far?) ...But....sources also say that U.S. and Israeli plans are very detailed on air strike options and other options. Today the president was asked will the United States allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Switch to video of President Bush.

President Bush: We do not want the Iranians to have a nuclear weapon, the capacity to make a nuclear weapon or the knowledge of how to make a nuclear weapon. (Comment: The question wasn't what you want, it was will the United States allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons?) (Comment: Oh yes, he still doesn't know how to pronounce nuclear) That's our stated goal. It's also the goal, fortunately, of other friends and allies. Starting with..uh...Great Britain, Germany and France.

Bret Baier: Iran's President, Ahmadinejad, told his nation today to not be afraid of western bullying, calling the recent reports 'psychological warfare.'

Comments: I've made various comments throughout the piece but the whole thing comes down to 'haven't we heard this story before?' The piece was produced with carefully placed pictures, the aerial view of what I suppose people are to think are nuclear bunkers and the B-2 bat plane with bombs coming out of it. Key fear words were used and the over used 'we will exhaust all diplomatic venues' was brought out often.

Of course, nowhere in the report was it said that the President even mentioned Congress when it came to considering air strikes or whatever plans they may be making. I'm sure they're being 'briefed' on these plans, every step of the way. (Yes, that's sarcasm) How on earth does this man expect the American public to believe him?

I think it's apropo to use one of Bush's favorite Texas expressions, 'Fool me once............................

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