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Springtime for Hitler

Reported by Donna - April 9, 2006 -

Just thought we'd get your attention by borrowing Mel Brooks broadway show tune from The Producers. Happy springtime to all of our readers and commenters at News Hounds. We here at News Hounds have quarterly donation drives - our last drive took place during the winter holidays. Now it's spring and donation time is here once again.

We're growing and we, like your local pbs stations, have a need for periodic donation drives. We only do them 4 times a year (of course, donations are welcome anytime) but we like to focus on these four seasonal donations to keep us growing (everyone can certainly appreciate computer hardware/software going out of date in addition to various expenditures). Payments are done easily from the donation button on our front page - and if you don't like using a debit/credit card, we are also set up for checks through the same system. We've also added some exciting bonus plans for this donation season.

This time we've added some very special gifts for those of you who donate.

For a $50 Donation - You get a free News Hounds Mug
For a $75 Donation - You get a free News Hounds T-Shirt or Cap (your choice) (size required for t-shirt)
For a $100 Donation - You get a free News Hounds Tote

We also have a new automatic donation that might fit your budget better. If you'd like to donate a little bit each month you can sign up for either of the choices to be donated each month to News Hounds. Under the donation button you'll find:

$5 Run with the pack

$10 Kennel Club

Plus, for a $30 donation we will send out a copy of:
SJIHBO, Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly, signed by the authors - paperback book.

*Please note when donating to put the size needed if you are ordering a t-shirt. We will also need you to put your shipping address in the comments area, which, of course, would only be used this one time to ship the item to you (comments should be placed on the paypal option, not the News Hounds forum).

We know some of you are tired after going to the first NH Con. We'd like to give a big yell out to a lot of our regulars (especially ET who planned it) who gathered in Chicago for the first NH Conference and we wanted you to know that we've all heard from our News Hound Judy that you all had a great time.

And don't forget - vacation time is coming up for a lot of people - another way of supporting News Hounds and proudly showing that support is to visit our News Hound Store. Show the world you support News Hounds - it's actually a great ice breaker, people are generally curious about other people's messages on their t-shirts.

But most of all we want to thank you for supporting News Hounds - we will be coming up on our 2nd Anniversary this summer and we'ver grown because all of you support the work we do. Thank you.

Marie Therese