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Some Unsolicited Advice For Ward Churchill (Applicable For Other Hannity & Colmes Guests)

Reported by Ellen - April 7, 2006

Controversial professor and conservative scapegoat Ward Churchill was a guest on Hannity & Colmes for 20 minutes last night (4/6/06), quite a coup for someone who's not (as far as I know) a relative of a missing white girl.

Unlike far too many liberals on FOX News, Churchill was there to state his piece, not try to suck up or win over anybody. It was great to see him confront Sean Hannity without being the least bit cowed or awed. He made some good points and stuck it to Hannity a few times, such as when he said he was not interested in what Churchill had to say. Churchill responded, "Then why did you ask me on?" He seemed to win Hannity's grudging respect somewhat.

Hannity challenged Churchill to a debate. Churchill did not indicate whether or not he accepted. I'm almost certain that Hannity will try to get him back on the TV show or else on his radio show. In the event that Professor Churchill is at all thinking about agreeing to another appearance, I'd like to offer a few pointers:

1. Don't let Hannity set the agenda. Decide in advance what you want to say and make sure you say it no matter what question(s) you are asked.

2. Expect gotcha questions. Hannity rarely debates fairly. His goal is not to hash out ideas or arrive at reasoned judgements. HIs only interest is in trapping his opponents and puffing himself up at their expense.

3. Do not believe it if he says, "I want to get your thoughts on..." or "I'm just wondering..." or "Do you think..." When Hannity asks his opponent a question, he's looking for a way to harangue, not an answer. Hannity is not interested in your opinions or your thoughts and will actually do whatever he can to run out the clock with some kind of diversion designed to prevent you from making your case.

4. Laugh at him. Like all bullies, Hannity depends on frightening or keeping his opponents off guard. That's because he's the fraidy cat. Let him know you're not scared and you have won half the battle. He might roar harder but if you stick to your talking points and don't let him rattle you, he'll wind up looking like the tin tyrant. he truly is

5. If you don't want to go on Hannity & Colmes, go on some other FOX News program, but not O'Reilly. It will just kill him!

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