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FOX News Ignores National Security Issues In Order To Attack A Black Woman

Reported by Ellen - April 7, 2006

Regardless of what you think of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the significance of her scuffle with US Capitol police pales in comparison to the allegations revealed today that President Bush and Vice President Cheney leaked intelligence for their own political purposes. The fact that FOX News chose to dwell on McKinney and ignore the leaked intelligence on its prime time show, Hannity & Colmes, last night (4/6/06) speaks volumes about the network’s priorities.

FOX News not only made Cynthia McKinney Hannity & Colmes’ top story last night, it devoted a double segment to her. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald’s court papers which, as AP reports, point to Bush and Cheney as setting in motion a leak campaign to the press that ended in Plame's blown cover was not deemed worth a discussion.

The Hannity & Colmes discussion began with a clip of McKinney praising the US Capitol police and apologizing for the incident. But that wasn’t good enough for Sean Hannity who seems to go out of his way to find excuses to attack black people, particularly if he can accuse them of racism at the same time.

African-American talk show host Larry Elder, who seems to love attacking black people even more than Hannity, was one of two guests. Elder was all fired up about the incident, as though he would have liked nothing better than to arrest McKinney on the spot. “This is another example of black leadership malpractice… I really do find it appalling that people like Cynthia McKinney who are in positions of responsibility use their power to whip out the race card and exaggerate instances of racism when there are true instances of racism in this country.”

Sean Hannity, with more of his phoney baloney Hanctimony, feigned concern that McKinney hurt the cause of “the battle against real racism” in this country. Funny how “real racism” never gets discussed on H&C except during times like this or when Hannity can accuse Democrats of being biased against black conservatives.

Keeping with the beatification of Tom DeLay theme on FOX News, Elder found time to praise Delay for being “the only one” who was willing to call McKinney a racist.

Hannity has shown no interest in any of the scandals surrounding Tom DeLay (or in the Plame leak, either) but his curiosity seems insatiable about McKinney. To the other guest, Democratic strategist, Michael Brown, Hannity said, “Originally she said she was in a rush to do her constituents work… She has never denied fully - and I asked her attorney straight up last whether or not she hit this officer. She said immediately that she was stopped because she’s a female, black congresswoman… Do you believe that this happened because she was, in her words, a female black congresswoman or could it be that she didn’t stop when asked to by a police officer?”

Brown, whom I have criticized in the past, did a pretty good job last night. Refusing to be bullied by Hannity, Brown said that McKinney deserved great credit for standing up in Congress and apologizing the way she did. “Talk about courage,” he said despite Hannity's best attempts to out-talk him.

However, Brown blew an important opportunity Alan Colmes gave when he brought up a Congressional resolution praising the Capitol Hill police, introduced for the sole purpose of making McKinney look bad. “I would think, Michael, they probably have some better things to do,” Colmes said, offering Brown the chance to change the subject to Fitzgerald's investigation or any of the various issues the Republicans probably prefer to ignore while they’re trying to put so much heat on McKinney.

But Brown said, “Of course, but this is, you know this is Washington… Things like this are going to happen.”

So Colmes brought up the issue, himself, to Elder. “(Cynthia McKinney) is easier, or better for the Republican agenda than to talk about the leak information that came out today, right?”

Elder said, “I guess that’s why you brought it up… Let’s get back to the more important…” Without finishing his sentence, he was off on another rant against McKinney. “She exaggerated this, she inflamed it…” Pot Elder said.

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