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FOX News Bitch-Slaps the Uppity Black Woman While Praising the Criminal White Man

Reported by Marie Therese - April 6, 2006

News Hounds Editorial (and one angry rant, to boot!)

As many of you already know, for the past week Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) has been been the object of a massive dung-hurling campaign orchestrated by a conservative media desperate to smear a Democrat, ANY Democrat, so Tom Delay won't look as bad as he is. We all expected that the righties would behave true to their lesser natures and they have. Surprise. Surprise.

For the past 24 hours, I've watched in abject disgust as gracious, smiling FOX hosts conducted reverential interviews with His Holiness St. Thomas, fawning over this future jailbird as if he was a Prophet of God on high, painting him as the innocent lamb about to be sacrificed on the altar of Democratic hatred.

At the same time, this same band of "journalists" has savaged Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in an unending chorus of thinly disguised sneers, disbelieving facial expressions and belligerent interviews designed to put her in her place.

Nowhere was this more evident than during yesterday's FOX & Friends. At 7:10 AM EST, ever-unctuous "yes" man Brian Kilmeade conducted an accusatory and rude interview with Congresswoman McKinney.

The interview was just one of a series of attacks made during the three-hour F&F block as interchangeable hosts made snide comments about Ms. McKinney. At 8:03 AM EDT, E. D. Hill claimed that McKinney had behaved like this five times in the past. I've read a half-dozen accounts of this story and watched two videos and not once has there been any mention of five prior occurrences. There was one situation in the Clinton White House back in 1998 that bears some similarity to the current case, but that is all I've uncovered. I wonder where Ms. Hill got her information?

Later in the show Kilmeade joined his co-hosts Steve Doocy and Edith Ann "E.D." Hill to do a softball interview with Congressman Delay, designed as an coordinated effort by FOX to frame him as the savior of the Republican Party, a kindly, stalwart, honest, heroic Christian-American, who is being persecuted by the hate-filled, vengeful Democratic party who - hint, hint - might be league with old Beelzebub himself! FOX News' treatment of these two Congresspersons could not have been more striking.

For two years I have watched FOX anchors argue in favor of war, torture, secret wiretapping, abrogation of international treaties, assassination, carpet bombing, nuclear bunker busters, forced repatriation of Mexican immigrants, ballooning deficits and much more, all in the name of the conservative Republican agenda.

I have watched men preach moral purity while they air clip after clip of boobacious women in scanty panties strutting their stuff while undulating around stainless steel poles. Oh, but they'll tell you it's all done to enlighten and inform, not to titillate. Yeah! And the moon is made of green cheese!

However, I didn't expect anything better from the likes of FOX News. They are what they are, sleaze and all, and a leopard can't change it's spots.

According to FOX News, the Democratic Party has abandoned McKinney. FOX's frequency of coverage of her story has run neck and-neck with that of the Congressman Delay.

But, I ask you, what did the Ms. McKinney actually DO that was on a par with Delay's crimes, i.e., stealing elections, threatening careers, taking bribes, laundering money and facilitating an illegal, unjust and immoral war?

Delay is accused of major felonies and McKinney committed one possible misdemeanor.

According to the Chief of the Capital Police, Thomas Gainer, in an interview yesterday with CNN's Soledad O'Brien: "It was a busy door. The officer did not recognize her as a member. She was not wearing her pin. He reached out and grabbed her. She turned around and hit him."

S. O'BRIEN: "Hit him with her hand? Hit him with a cell phone? Hit him with ..."

GAINER: "The cell phone was in her hand and we believe it was in the chest."

You can view the entire interview by clicking here. Scroll down to the right hand column and then activate the link to the video entitled "McKinney grilled about confrontation". It features Soledad O'Brien doing a very good imitation of Sean Hannity.

Her interview style was harsh, rude, perhaps even worse than the farcical interview conducted by FOX's Brian Kilmeade a little later on in the day. Kilmeade, a perennial second banana at FNC, will prostitute himself and do anything for his corporate bosses.

For example, in his interview with Ms. McKinney, Kilmeade badgered her over and over, despite the fact that both she and her attorney said repeatedly that they couldn't go into specifics because the issue was pending. Kilmeade categorically refused to accept this, becoming truly obnoxious when he couldn't weasel an answer out of her. However, in a later phone interview with Tom Delay, Kilmeade said this: "As you look back at what you've been through and the investigation that is taking place, without jeopardizing your case, would you look back and say 'I wish I could do this again - I think I've made mistakes here?" Naturally Congresssman Delay answered "No. I haven't made any mistakes."

Delay then went on to accuse Cynthia McKinney of being a racist:

DELAY: "Well, she has a long history of this kind of action. Cynthia McKinney is, is a maverick, I've got to tell you, and anybody that would hit or attack the Capitol Hill police - I had a Capitol Hill police officer die - was shot - in my office - protecting my office - so I have a special place in my heart for the Capitol Hill police and anybody that would attack them for doing their job is just outrageous and, frankly, ought to be punished. ... Cynthia McKinney is a racist. She has a long history of racism. Everything is racism with her. It - this is incredible arrogance and - that sometimes hits these members of Congress, but especially Cynthia McKinney."

(I wonder which groups of Congressspeople Delay was referring to when he said "these members of Congress"?)

As for Congresswoman McKinney, she is, after all, a six-term Congresswoman and, in my opinion, deserves respect by virtue of that title. I can guarantee you, if a black female officer had run up to and grabbed Tom Delay's arm because he forgot to glue on his toupee, was bald and unrecognizable, that officer would have been severely reprimanded and reassigned to downtown Baghdad.

How much physical damage could McKinney have done to an officer who, by the way, is too much of a coward to let us know who he is? He went running to his superiors and is currently, we assume, cowering in fear under his desk, afraid to come out and face the media. Congresswoman McKinney does not have that luxury and has made herself available for interviews.

Ms. McKinney's is one of FOURTEEN African-American women among 535 representatives. How hard can it be for police officers to recognize those fourteen black faces?

As for her reaction, I might very well have done the same thing, especially if I was a person who had an expectation that, after 6 terms in office, I would be recognized in my own workplace.

Chief Gainer's description above is quite revealing. The most critical words he uttered were "turned around."

If she had to turn around to hit him, Officer Scaredy Cat was BEHIND her. She couldn't see him!

How would you react in this climate of terrorism and fear if someone grabbed you from behind? Although the officer claimed to have called out for Ms. McKinney to stop, she may not have heard him. Perhaps she suffers, as I do, from low-end hearing loss caused by ear infections as a child. Maybe she, like me, can't hear low sounds very well in a crowded, noisy room.

In the long run, one can hardly compare Cynthia McKinney's impulsive behavior to the cancerous corruption that has infected Washington under the leadership of soon-to-be-former-Congressman Tom Delay.

FOX News has scapegoated Cynthia McKinney for - what? Defending herself? Not knowing her proper "place? Being an "uppity" woman? Lashing out at a police officer? Claiming she's the victim of racial insensitivity?

But the real story here is the total lack of support for McKinney from her peers. When are the Democrats going to learn from the Republicans about loyalty? They need to circle the wagons, to form an impenetrable shield to protect their own - at least in the initial stages of a "media feeding frenzy."

It's called PARTY UNITY and there's really no downside to supporting one's own. All families in crisis gather together when a member is under attack or suffers a loss. If, at some later time, that family member is shown to be unreliable or guilty of some heinous act, the family then readjusts. But the initial picture given to the world is that of a united, strong, supportive unit, shoulder to shoulder, ready to take on all comers.

Why is it that the Democratic leadership can't see that they are a family and, as such, their individual members are entitled to support in the hard times as well as the good?

Cynthia McKinney shouldn't be handling this alone.

This is yet another salvo in a coordinated, nasty, dirty, winner-takes-all smear campaign. If the Democrats can't see the assault on McKinney as an assault on each and every one of them, they are fools and deserve to lose in November.

Sometimes, one must stand one's ground, turn, face the enemy and fight.

The Republicans have adopted a "scorched earth" policy reminiscent of Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman.

Right now, the Democrats haven't got a policy other than shoot from the bushes with pop guns and retreat.

That kind of warfare didn't work in the Civil War and it won't work now.

Right now Democrats are stuck with a leadersip that calls to mind the ineffective, beltway politician and failed Civil War General, George McLellen.

The Democrats need a modern-day version of Ulysses S. Grant. If they don't find him/her soon, they're in big trouble.

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