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Tom DeLay Appears on Fox Yet the Audience is Left Dumb & Dumber

Reported by Melanie - April 5, 2006

It's really no wonder why so many hard-core Republicans don't know what their party's up to, especially if they get their news from Fox News, as so many do. Fox intentionally keeps them in a state of blissful stupidity and a two-part segment on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (April 5, 2006) illustrates the effort Fox puts into that.

Tom DeLay was Cavuto's guest in a two-part interview that lasted a total of 11 minutes, a long time in TV land. Despite the length of the interview, there was only a whisper of a mention of DeLay's criminal trouble (here's a brief chronology), the reason behind his resignation from the House of Representatives. If you coughed or sneezed or went to the bathroom, you missed it.

When Cavuto introduced DeLay he referred to him as the "outgoing congressman Tom DeLay." No explanation followed and DeLay and Cavuto talked for a few minutes about Cynthia McKinney's recent troubles. (According to DeLay, McKinney is the racist, not the officer who stopped her, and the House, "Ought to pass a resolution commending him [the officer] for his service and his courage.")

Next, Cavuto raised the issue of the "tone" and "nastiness" in Washington and said, "And, apparently, you had your fill of all this stuff, with your own dealings, so you're up and leaving," to which DeLay responded, "Well, it's not a pretty place." He said, "Democrats are trying to criminalize politics," and then he and Cavuto proceeded to talk about John McCain and the plight of the Republican party.

Heading to a break at the end of that first segment, Cavuto said, "We'll have more with Tom DeLay...who'll be leaving his political job..."

Returning from the break, Cavuto said: "All right, back with us, the man who's leaving Washington...Tom DeLay," and he and DeLay talked about immigration for five minutes.

Comment: That was it. That was the extent of the info Fox gave its viewers about why Tom DeLay is "up and leaving."

Fox dupes its audience on so many levels. Fox viewers would likely be outraged - and come to see how Fox takes them for idiots - if only they would unravel the deception - beginning with that line, "fair" and most importantly, "balanced."

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