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Colmes Confronts Coulter With Her Venom

Reported by Ellen - April 5, 2006

Judging from her smile, Ann Coulter was ready to flirt with Alan Colmes last night (4/4/06) on Hannity & Colmes, not be held accountable for her invective against Democrats. But that's exactly what happened when Colmes confronted her on some of her outlandish comments. It was an effective strategy that headed off what he surely knew was a pending attack against Al Gore, liberals, Democrats and anyone else about whom she could think up a nasty joke.

Only on FOX News would a discussion about Tom DeLay morph into a discussion about Al Gore. I’m sure the reason is because they couldn’t find any news pegs for Bill or Hill instead.

Alan Colmes started the “Al Gore’s latest shocking statements” segment of what had been a discussion about TOm DeLay's resignation by reading some of Coulter’s outrageous statements back to her. “Liberals hate America, Democrats hate working class America. Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do.” Coulter’s smile immediately faded.

“Wait, you skipped a line,” Coulter said in a decidedly less chipper tone than when she started.

“What did I skip?”

“After… um, Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do.” But she stared into the camera, looking dazed, and she never said what was skipped. Rolling her eyes like a childish schoolgirl, the middle-aged Coulter said, “Can you read the full paragraph?”

“Now let’s talk about how crazy Al Gore is,” Colmes smiled.

Coulter looked even more befuddled and tried to recover by saying she didn’t find anything crazy about what she said, “Though I wish you wouldn’t drop the jokes,” she added, pleased as always with her own wit.

Colmes had clearly thrown Coulter off her game. But that didn’t stop her from lying. First, she parroted the Bush administration claim that when Bush said nobody anticipated the breach of the levees, what he really meant was that nobody thought the levees would break, not that nobody anticipated that water would flood over them.

Unfortunately for Coulter, her “theory” has been discredited by Media Matters which notes that The Times-Picayune ran an article on August 29, 2005, before Katrina made landfall, reporting that the Department of Homeland Security warned FEMA that the levees could be BOTH breached and overtopped. Media Matters also cites a New York Times article in which then-FEMA director Michael Brown is reported to have stated in a videoconference that same day that "he had spoken with President Bush twice in the morning and that the president was asking about reports that the levees had been breached.”

In a condescending voice Coulter said, “It’s absolutely true. George Bush didn’t cause the hurricane, but you guys run on anticipating…” She pointed her finger coyly in the air but paused, unable to finish her sentence.

Sean Hannity, the king of changing the subject every time he can use it to his own advantage, hypocritically said “I love how we’re doing a segment on Al Gore and it becomes a referendum on Ann Coulter’s views on liberals. I find that pretty entertaining.”

“I’m more powerful and influential,” Coulter claimed.

Comment: Keep up the “entertainment,” Alan!

I believe the video is up on the FOX News website in the video box on the right, "Al Gore Blasts Bush."

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