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(Democrat) "Cynthia McKinney IS The Big Story " - Tom Who?

Reported by Chrish - April 4, 2006

John Gibson introduced the program tonight 4/4/06: "Cynthia McKinney's 'he said, she said, IS the Big Story." "No, no!" I screamed. "Tom DeLay stepping down is the Big Story, you ninny!"

First FOX's Steve Centanni reported that prosecutors were looking into pressing charges against Congresswoman McKinney for allegedly striking a Capitol Police officer who physically stopped he rfrom entering the building. Support is slim, even among fellow Democrats, as Nancy Pelosi was shown saying that all members of Congress want to be recognized, but nothing justifies striking a police officer.

Also reported is that Republicans in the House are introducing a resolution to generally commend the Capitol Police for their professionalism and for "their sacrifice, being on the front lines" protecting members of Congress and the complex. Comment: These guys could teach Russ Feingold a thing or two about political posturing, eh?

FOX Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was brought in to speculate on what's next for McKinney. He thinks that the Federal prosecutors don't want to make charges because since it was simple assault that did no damage to the cop, it is not indictable and they'd rather not spend resources on it. The police, of course, want charges so the message is clear - it is NOT ok to shove (push, smack...whatever it was, if anything) a cop.

Gibson asked if the US Attorney's office is going to get "scared off" by McKinney's claim of racial profiling and being guilty only of being in Congress while black? JAN says no, that will only encourage them into it which is what McKinney wants: another forum to claim that the Capitol Police are prejudiced against blacks, "and that's a lot of hooey."

The story continued during Gibson's daily "My Word" segment. In it, Gibson wondered what Bill Cosby is saying about McKinney's claims of racism, a reference to Cosby's recent statements exhorting black people to be more responsible. Gibson imagines Cosby saying "Grow up, Cynthia. You're a member of Congress. Act like one. Obey your own damn rules. Quite trying to make everything in life a racial slight against you. Get back to work and stop whining."

Gibson also says

"The Democrats have tried to tamp this controversy down because McKinney has done this before, and it's embarrassing to Democrats at a time when Republicans could be the party embarrassed by their own members of Congress.

So now we have the drama of the Capitol Police trying to decide if McKinney should be arrested or cited for striking an officer, which she did, after he didn't recognize her while she was bypassing security."

So what does FOX do? They highlight the Democratic "low-level crime" (according to JAN), making it The Big Story, and relegate the former House leader resigning IN DISGRACE, under indictment for federal crimes, a secondary segment.

The two situations are hardly comparable. Watch FOX continue to harp on the McKinney story to take attention from their party's many ethical and legal problems.

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