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A Segment About Impeaching Bush on Fox? Nope, Just Another Gimmick

Reported by Melanie - April 2, 2006

Last night (April 1, 2006) on Heartland, John Kasich aired a segment captioned "Impeach Bush?" What? Impeach Bush? A segment about that on Fox News?! Not exactly.

Kasich began with:

Listing five reasons, including misleading Americans on weapons of mass destruction and ties of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Democratic committees in at least half of Vermont's 14 counties have passed resolutions calling for President Bush's impeachment.

Vermont Selectman Dan DeWalt is with us now.

Right away what jumped out at me when I read this story is you guys want to go out and start impeachments of Bush. Now, up in your state, not long ago, you had this issue involving Judge Cashman. Why didn't you try to impeach him before you got to President Bush?

(Judge Cashman was Fox's target du jour in mid-March. Hours and hours were devoted to that awful man. In the end, a Fox regular was made to believe that anyone who wasn't outraged at Judge Cashman, and Vermont as a whole, was, for all intents and purposes, in favor of legalized child molestation.)

An already frustrated DeWalt said, "I'd rather deal with the issue at hand," but explained that Judge Cashman imposed a short sentence on a man because Vermont law (which has since been changed) doesn't provide for treatment to those given long sentences, and the Judge very much wanted the man to get treatment.

Kasich, continuing to undermine DeWalt before getting to the issue of impeachment said, "You should have been outraged and demanded big changes." DeWalt said, "We were!"

DeWalt explained that over the last two years he had come to realize that Bush lied about the reasons for going to war. Kasich, still trying to discredit DeWalt said, "Your own speaker of the house says he thinks this is a little nutty" and "you can't even get Bernie Sanders to support this."

DeWalt explained that "this is not a political movement, this is a citizen movement." He said he was "astonished by how many people" have "signed on to it." He said he has heard "from veterans, from Republicans, from middle-of-the-road people..."

Interrupting (perfect timing, huh?), Kasich said, "They can't even get anybody to show up on the censure resolution in the congress."

DeWalt said, "You're talking about politicians..."

Kasich asked, "Isn't most of this driven by hatred?" DeWalt said "No!" He said this "has to do with respect for the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States." He said, "I don't see how I could possibly do anything other than stand up for what this country is made of."

With that, the interview ended and Kasich turned to Nixon-era crook and Fox employee, G. Gordon Liddy, with this segue: "I'm amazed at the anger toward George Bush."

As if Kasich's treatment of DeWalt didn't do enough damage, Liddy was there to bring up the rear, retreating, as all good Republicans tend to do, to talk of Bill Clinton: "Impeachment is, of course, a political issue. It was political when President Clinton was impeached. It was political when he was found not guilty when, as far as I'm concerned, he was guilty as hell."

Comment: Fox may have aired a segment titled "Impeach Bush?" but the viewer heard more about Judge Cashman and unsupportive Democrats than the thinking behind the movement. Fox's loyal followers no doubt believed they were watching "fair and balanced" news because after all, if Fox were one-sided, it wouldn't air a segment about impeaching Bush at all now, would it?

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