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GOP Ripping Itself Apart Over Immigration BIll

Reported by Judy - April 1, 2006

Watching various wings of the Republican Party rip into each other instead of into Democrats is down right refreshing, especially when it happens on Fox News, the mouth piece of the GOP. Once again, we've got the video!

Fox News' second financial show, "Cavuto on Business," devoted its opening segment Saturday (April 1, 2006) to debating the impact on the U.S. economy of getting rid of illegal immigrants.

The resulting debate showed the deep divide between the traditional GOP base -- big business -- and the right-wing masses who are deluded into voting Republican against their economic interests by rabid radio talk-show hosts who feed them a steady diet of thinly veiled racial hatred. The high-temperature immigration debate is melting that veneer.

Meanwhile the business types see a threat to their economic interests if immigration is cut off and wages forced higher, and are trying to dampen the racial undertones of the debate just enough so that the middle class whites within the party will let a reasonable immigration measure pass but still stay loyal to the GOP.

The two wings went at each other hammer and tongs, led by talk show host Michael Gallagher and investors Jim Rogers and Ben Stein.

Both Stein and Rogers insisted that the U.S. economy could not function if the illegal immigrants were all deported. Stein said the idea of rounding illegals up and deporting them was absurd because it could not be done without turning the country into a police state like the former Soviet Union.

Rogers dismissed the pious assertions of many white Americans that their ancestors came here legally and stressed that the only reason so many people are here illegally now is that the "laws are so absurd."

"You know who came up with these laws 80 years ago? The Ku Klux Klan," he said, referring to immigration restrictions passed in the 1920s that set initial quotas on Latino immigration, as well as penalized southern and Eastern European immigration in favor of immigration from northern Europe.

Gallagher then lashed into Rogers like he was some liberal Hollywood movie-maker who once said a nice thing about Hillary Clinton. And Rogers responded by calling him an idiot.

Republicans calling each other idiots -- I love it! Hope you do, too!

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