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Another Smack Down of Fox News!

Reported by Judy - April 1, 2006

Fox News kept up its attack on Latinos on Saturday (April 1, 2006), using video footage to imply that all illegal immigrants are Latinos and ignoring the tens of thousands of people from China, Ireland, Eastern Europe and elsewhere who have overstayed their visas and are here illegally. But mild-mannered panelist Pat Dorsey upbraided "Bulls and Bears" host Brenda Buttner for the images of Latinos being shown. And we've got the video!

Dorsey and the other regulars on "Bulls and Bears" were discussing immigration with Paul McGuire, a nationally syndicated radio show host from California. McGuire spewed the typical right-wing propaganda about illegal immigrants filling up the emergency rooms and schools while not paying taxes and taking jobs away from middle class Americans.

Buttner introduced the discussion with flat statements about illegal immigrants "sticking us with the bill" for their presence, rather than trying to cite a source for her position on the debatable issue of the impact of immigration on the economy. Check the video for her unprofessional comments. "The point is they are illegal. They are taking jobs from Americans," she said at one point.

None of the "Bulls and Bears" regulars completely supported Buttner or McGuire, although there was some discussion about whether or not illegal immigrants contribute more to the economy than they take from it.

The discussion itself was reasonable and factual, but Fox News did its best to undermine what was being said. It showed video of Latinos climbing over fences, floating in a river at night hanging on to an inner tube, being arrested and handcuffed, huddled in trailers, and so on, even though some of the video was date-stamped as long ago as 1991. And its chyron read, "Will illegals lead to downfall of America's economy?" Although phrased as a question, the chyron is so inflammatory that it makes a statement.

Finally, Buttner got to Pat Dorsey, from Morningstar.com, who told her, "The only folks who get unambiguous gains out of this are the employers who break the law by hiring them. Why are we talking about folks who risk their lives to work for 6 bucks an hour instead of putting on the screen right now the employers that hire them? Go after this on the demand side and require that you be registered and they have real social security numbers instead of fake ones be used. Put them up on the screen instead of the guys risking their lives to come here to work for 6 bucks an hour.” But don't believe me. Listen for yourself.

Buttner did not respond. I suspect the answer to Dorsey's question lies in a John Moody memo, dictated by Rupert Murdoch, a "legal" immigrant.

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