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Gibson Speculates While Waiting For MCKinney Press Conference

Reported by Deborah - March 31, 2006

John Gibson was eagerly awaiting a scheduled press conference for Cynthia McKinney today on Big Story so he left an open screen of the empty podium while he speculated about what McKinney would tell reporters. Gibson managed to get Bill Kristol to make a comment about MCKinney at the end of his segment and then Andrew Napolitano joined Gibson to wait, speculate and insult MCKinney as much as possible. Then oddly enough, when the conference started Gibson cut it off quickly permitting only a few sentences from MCKinney. 3/31/06

Earlier in the week, Congressman McKinney was stopped by Capitol security and physically grabbed prompting McKinney to strike the person with her cell phone.

The press conference vigil began during Bill Kristol's segment and for a time Gibson was going back and forth from Kristol to McKinney until finally drawing him in. Gibson mentioned that Kristol had reacted when he heard about the press conference then asked him what he thought of MCKinney. Kristol without hesitation said, " She's a flake. Mainstream Democrats don't want her to give a press conference."

Then Napolitano appeared and the speculation started. The judge called the incident " almost absurd" and MCKinney a "unique woman". ( unique was not complimentary) He went on to speculate that the Security officer was only doing his job and although he should have known her, she could have easily shown her ID. Both assumed that she was not wearing the ID pin allowing a bypass of security. Gibson also revealed that a young staffer was a witness and had given an exclusive report on the incident to FOX.

Gibson with the snide gossipy smile reported that the conference was held up because she was bringing Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte. Napolitano found this amusing and accused MCKinney of turning it into a political circus. Gibson pointed out that there were kids from her district there with signs and both speculated that she was going to blame the incident on race and gender.

Finally the conference started and MCKinney gave a brief statement explaining what happened adding that since she could be charged, she was unable to talk about the case. She mentioned that her race and gender briefly as an issue of the case and the the podium was turned over to her lawyer.Gibson immediately ended coverage without hearing her lawyer speak and Glover and Belafonte were not mentioned or seen on the podium.

comment: Although Gibson was careful about the words he used, he got the message across that MCKinney was unstable, radical, and not to be taken seriously. Of course, when she spoke honestly and professionally about her situation, the speculation that had just occurred seemed very tabloid like in comparison. Why Gibson ended the press conference after less than a minute without hearing anyone else speak is an interesting question that needs some exploring.

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