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Will the real John Gibson please shut up?

Reported by Chrish - March 29, 2006

Early in the show The Big Story today 3/29/06 Gibson had back-to-back interviews with Senators Mitch McConnell and Carl Levin about the newly revealed Democratic National Security Plan, titled "Real Security." Gibson asked Levin to elucidate on three main points in the plan, redployment and troop reduction in Iraq, capturing Osama bin Laden, and holding Bush accountable for "manipulative pre-war intelligence, poor planning, and contracting abuses." Levin did and Gibson let him speak; it was informative and uncharacteristically professional.

Fifteen minutes later in "My Word' the real Gibson reappeared, ranting and restating, oversimplifying and distorting everything Senator Levin had JUST said. Mustn't let the viewers chew on such sane and rational discourse for too long.

Here's how he caricatured the Democrats' plan:

"I hold in my hand the Democratic plan titled "Real Security", there you see it. (points to document) It's got the usual mom's apple pie, salute the flag, chest-pounding stuff from a challenger party in wartime. It has a couple points that sound good but the details are hazy, namely, paraphrasing now:

We Democrats will implement all the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, and we'll inspect every single one of the billions of containers that arrive into this country by ship, millions, billions, whatever it is.

When you boil it down, though, it makes three basic points. It says: I'm a Democrat, elect me 'cause I'll capture Usama bin Laden. I'll bring the troops home. And I'll impeach Bush. Or put another way, on the way out of Iraq we'll stop in Afghanistan and finish off that tall guy, and we'll come home to hold the impeachment trial of the guy who sent us there in the first place. I'm not kidding. That's what it says.

So how are we getting out of Iraq so fast? Evidently we Dems are going to tell the Iraqis to get it together cause we're going home soon. How are we going to get UBL? Evidently it's the Huey Long "a chicken in every pot" idea. This one goes, an American soldier in every cave. He can't hide forever.

As for the impeachment, Bush didn't lie anymore, evidently. In this official document he manipulated prewar intelligence and we Dems are going to hold him accountable. That says impeachment to me, especially since it's all challenger Democrats can talk about when they're not reading off cue cards.

As a political ad, how does it sound? We're the fighting Dems, give us your vote. We'll get Usama, bring 'em home and hang Bush. Well at least the country is on notice.

That's My Word.

Can you imagine the hysteria if Dan Rather had a nightly partisan rant mid-show?

Not fair, not balanced, NOT journalism.

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