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On FOX News, You’ve Got To Hate To Be Loved

Reported by Ellen - March 29, 2006

Somehow overlooking all that good news in Iraq that the FOX News pundits claim is not being properly reported, Hannity & Colmes took a sudden interest in European affairs last night (3/28/06). The topic – ostensibly the French riots – was really little more than an excuse to bash the French. The sole guest was “French Business Analyst” Dr. Clotaire Rapaille. Dr. Rapaille, a former child psychologist with dyed-red hair, spent the entire discussion knocking his former countrymen with flowery language. He looked and sounded more like a Mike Myers caricature of a psychologist-turned-pundit than someone to be taken seriously.

Rapaille never even mentioned any of the reasons the French were demonstrating during the entire portion of his discussion with Rich Lowry (subbing for Sean Hannity). Instead, Dr. Rapaille got right down to demonizing the demonstrators. “These people are dead in their minds… They’re old already. They are not young… They don’t want to change… They want everything for free. They want not to work more than 30 hours a week. They want eight weeks paid vacation a year.”

Lowry, showing his own “fair and balanced” attitude, asked, “Is that just a product of the welfare state sort of sapping people’s vitality?”

Rapaille answered, “This is a French archetype. And my job is to try to psychoanalyze culture – understand what are the structures, the unconscious structures that make people do what they want. In France, the French love privilege… People you see in the streets are today’s aristocrat. What are the artistocrats? People who don’t want to work… To work has never been reinforced as part of the culture.”

Lowry wondered why the struggling French economy didn’t “wake up” the French workers.

Rapaille, sounding even more like a Mike Myers character said it was because the French blame everything on America. “When it rains, it’s because of the Americans. When the weather’s bad, it’s because of the Americans.”

Lowry chuckled heartily.

Rapaille continued as though speaking to the French. “You guys are very good with ideas. Ideas are fantastic. Well, I have one for you. Why don’t you try this fantastic idea: work.”

Lowry laughed harder.

Alan Colmes was the only person in the discussion who wanted to talk about why the workers were striking – as a protest over a new law that would allow employers to fire young people under 26 for any reason for the first two years in a job. “They want some rights. Workers should have some rights. To call them all lazy and to say that they’re all a bunch of aristocrats wannabes is very unfair to these people who are demonstrating.”

Rapaille said he agreed but added, “The point is, you cannot fight people that are totally incompetent… What we have in America, compared to the French culture, is an incredible flexibility. We’re open-minded.”

Colmes challenged Rapaille again, this time for calling all French workers incompetent, and said, “We have workers rights, too. You can’t be fired for any reason. That’s all they’re saying. ‘You can’t fire us for any reason. You have to give us a reason to fire us.’ That’s what they’re demonstrating about.”

Rapaille wagged his finger. “Even when (the French) have (a reason), you cannot fire. This is the point.”

Rich Lowry interrupted to end the segment. “You’re a great American,” Lowry told Rapaille. “Alan shouldn’t hold your accent against you by calling you French.”

How long can it be until Rapaille has a steady gig as “European analyst’ on FNC?

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