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Fox Reports: President Says Current Violence In Iraq Is Saddam's Fault

Reported by Donna - March 29, 2006

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher substituting for Shepard Smith he said, "Now, Saddam Hussein, not the United States, is responsible for the ongoing violence in Iraq. That statement from President Bush today as he gave his third speech this month to rally support for the war in Iraq."

(Comment: Last time I looked Saddam Hussein has been in jail for quite some time now. Is this another new angle? If we can't blame the Democrats, let's blame Hussein? And from whom is he rallying support for the war in Iraq? The American people certainly aren't rallying in response to his speeches on the war in Iraq.)

The following is my transcript between Trace Gallagher and Molly Henneberg, who was at the White House.

Trace Gallagher: Fox team coverage continues with Molly Henneberg live at the White House.

Molly Henneberg: Trace, a lot of his speech focused on why there's been so much sectarian violence in Iraq. Why Shiites are fighting Sunnis. And why the Iraqi's can't, the president said, sort out their differences. (Comment: I'm sorry, but sort out their differences? With hundreds and hundreds of people getting killed execution style while bound, or getting beheaded -- these, the president calls -- differences?) Mr. Bush said Iraqis managed to live together before Saddam Hussein but during the Saddam era the former Iraqi dictator pit Iraqis against each other in order to maintain control. President Bush says Iraqis are physically and emotionally scarred by Saddam Hussein and he said those wounds take time to heal. (Comment: Now the president is a psychiatrist? I wonder how long it will take their wounds to heal from our presence there?)

Switch to video of President Bush

President Bush: Why the Iraqi people are having such a hard time building a democracy. (Comment: This is how the sentence was constructed so I assume this was an edit from Fox) The reason is that the terrorists and former regime elements are exploiting the wounds inflicted under Suddam's tyranny.

The enemies of a free Iraq are employing the same tactics Saddam used. Killing and terrorizing the Iraqi people in an effort to (sounded like) 'format' a sectarian division.

Molly Henneberg: But Senate Minority leader, Democrat Harry Reid, says the president needs to make it clear to the Iraqis that the United States will not be there indefinitely. Senator Reid says the Iraqia need to hear that clear message so that they will, quote, get their political house in order and secure their country.

Swith to video of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid

Senator Reid: The president (can) give all the speeches that he wants but nothing will change the fact that his Iraq policy is wrong.

Comment: As usual the fair and balanced part wasn't quite fair and balanced. Wow, Senator Reid got one sentence! But look at how the segment started, with Gallagher saying, "Now, Saddam Hussein, not the United States, is responsible for the ongoing violence in Iraq." He says it like it's a statement of fact. I think the President and his administration are grasping at straws now over the horrific killings that are happening in Iraq. They are spinning so hard who knows what they'll say next. Why can't he ever take responsibility for anything?

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