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"Stay in Iraq to protect the credibility of America"

Reported by Chrish - March 28, 2006

On The Big Story today 3/28/06 John Gibson had on two US Senators to comment on the resignation of Andrew Card as Bush's Chief of Staff. First Democrat Dick Durbin was on, and a few minutes later Republican Kay Bailey Hutchhinson was able to rebut his comments without any debate.

The main point that Durbin made was that the loss of Card would be a real one. Durbin spoke well of Card (and his successor, Josh Bolten), but said that if Bush thinks that replacing Andy Card, a good person and public servant, reasonable, professional and a man of his word, then he is mistaken. It is a move in the wrong direction, according to Durbin. The American people want a change in direction of policies, regarding security, the economy, healthcare, education; people feel that Bush has lost his direction.

Gibson blames Democrats, natch, for taking advantage and pointing out to Americans instances when the White House has dropped the ball: Katrina, DPW deal, whatever. (Comment: Osama bin Laden, illegal wiretapping, fixed intelligence, the Medicare mess...) and shouldn't Bush change his team and get some new ideas? Durbin replies that yes, change would be good, but Andy Card is the wrong man to get rid of. Asked who he thought might be next to resign, Durbin declined to name names, saying instead that Bush and Cheney have a close trusted circle of friends, and as long as that circle remains intact the country will continue in the wrong direction.

Durbin challenged Bush to put some new thinking behind his "America's addiction to oil" line, saying we can't drill our way out of this dependence and we need a fresh look at the problem. He called the proposed "Health Savings Accounts" a tired old Gingrich-era idea which only protects the healthy and the wealthy. He finishes by saying that if Bush wants to stick with his team and his agenda it's his decision, but the people have the last word in November. (Comment: Actually Diebold has the last word but we don't talk about that, do we.)

When Hutchinson came on a few minutes later, she was invited by Gibson "to answer Senator Durbin's 'charges,'" specifically that if Bush replaces Card but continues in his policies, the Democrats will win in November because the American people don't approve of what the senator (sic) is doing. Does the staff change make any difference with that?

Hutchinson said she just disagrees with the premise. "Of course Bush's numbers are down because things are very tough in Iraq, but when you look at the policiy issues we must stand together to finish the job in Iraq for the credibility of America. (Bush) is not going to change on that." She continues that Bush is going to "fight" to continue the tax cuts that have helped our economy and put people back to work? She dares the Democrats to run on changing that policy and credits the tax cuts with the "booming economy" and low unemployment, but neglects to mention the mountain of foreign-owned debt we've racked up to subsidize the war and the tax cuts. She says we're going to "try" to have an energy plan that will make us more self-sufficient, and Gibson interrupts to say that Democrats wouldn't allow any new drilling in this country, would they? Hutchinson (essentially) says if they don't, we won't be able to become self-sufficient. Yes, we need solar and research for alternative sources, but in the meantime we need to drill where we know there are oil and gas reserves. If we do that, why, we can bring down the prices for small business and airlines!

(Comment: I kept getting an image of Arlo Guthrie's Thanksgiving dinner litterbug jumping up and down with the recruiting officer yeliing "kill, kill, KILL!, but drill, drill, DRILL! )

In typical FOX fashion the Republican pro-administration guest had the last word and got to reinforce the White House agenda. Lucky for us most Americans are now seeing that agenda for what it is - unaffordable, unsustainable, reckless, and not what we want for our future generations.

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