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Sean Hannity’s Preen-A-Thon Over Alec Baldwin

Reported by Ellen - March 28, 2006

Sean Hannity was in clover last night (3/26/06) with a double segment devoted to his browbeating ambush of Alec Baldwin that made him stalk off a talk show.

As Marie Therese reported, the confrontation was also covered on yesterday’s FOX & Friends. Hannity & Colmes, however, seemed to include more of the conversation, which was really a more vicious version of Hannity’s usual Hanctimonious tirades. “I’m gonna tell you right now. He can say whatever he wants but it’s about time somebody challenged a guy while we’re at war, while troops are in harm’s way…” Hannity demanded explanations from Baldwin over some of the things he supposedly said but rarely stopped long enough to allow a response. “He hides behind his blog. He is a failed, third-rate ignorant Hollywood egomaniac and I invited him on the program… He cannot answer with any degree of sense how anybody can say this while the country is at war. His comments are beyond reckless and irresponsible. He’s never been challenged on it.”

I wish Baldwin had risen to the challenge and debated Mr. One-Trick Pony Sean Hannity. But instead, he threw a bunch of insults back at Hannity and stalked off the show.

“I just tried to get him to answer the question,” Hannity disingenuously told the Hannity & Colmes audience. “He never answered one substantive thing… The only thing he had left were ad hominem attacks,” said the pot to the kettle.

“HE started the name-calling,” Hannity said childishly. Then, showing what a high road he really took, Hannity added, “The point is here, he is gutless.”

Alan Colmes said, “It’s too bad you can’t have a debate in this country on the issues and keep it on the issues.”

Looking into the camera, Hannity beckoned to Baldwin with his finger and challenged him to come on the TV show, “You want to come on, one on one? Right here.”

You can hear the audio at Crooks and Lairs.

Suggestion for Alec Baldwin that I am about to post on his blog at Huffington Post. Instead of going on Hannity’s show, why don’t you ambush HIM somewhere at one of his public appearances and, armed with HIS lies and distortions (easily gotten from Media Matters and/or this blog) demand answers and explanations from HIM and see how he reacts?

Or how about a scheduled debate on Air America?

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