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Hurricane Forecast FOX Style

Reported by Deborah - March 28, 2006

Last night Joe Bastardi, Fox's favorite weather expert, joined O'Reilly to give a hurricane forecast for the upcoming season. Bastardi could always be counted on last season to avoid connecting global warming to the severe hurricane increases we have experienced. Things have changed, somewhat, at FNL recently since President Bush acknowledged that global warming actually exists. It would be pretty hard for FOX to try to deny the harsh reality of our changing weather patterns but they sure keep trying.

Not surprising that O'Reilly would invite Joe Bastardi to give a Fox style forecast right after Time has made Global Warming their cover story.

Joe Bastardi was ready with charts and graphics to show that the increase in hurricanes are related to cycles. He was big on cycles last season when we ran out of letters for hurricane names. This time he added a few bells and whistles to his previous claims. Last night we were introduced to the " Decision Funnel" which made a very attractive graphic to add to his old song and dance about being in a similar cycle experienced back in the 1950,s. Bastardi made the theory sound more important with the claim that we're in a "cycle within a cycle".

Bastardi told O'Reilly that people need to be "conscious" and not believe every " Tom, Dick and Harry theory." O'Reilly jumped on this comment asking, "You think global warming is hype?" Bastardi responded," Global warming needs to be examined but it has a lot to do with nature." ( What does that mean?)

Comment: Bill O'Reilly should be using his vast influence that he's always bragging about to educate people on the perils of ignoring this problem. Of course, we couldn't expect him to take time away from Jessica's Law or smearing San Francisco, but he could give up his sex segments that seem to be increasing all the time and devote them to the most pressing issue of our times. Maybe he should trade his outrage over attractive blonde teachers coupling with students for an urgency to find ways to avert environmental disaster. Bill O'Reilly, is no "Culture Warrior" and he sure isn't looking out for anyone but himself.

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