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Fox Wonders: What if We'd Tortured or Shot Moussaoui?

Reported by Melanie - March 28, 2006

David Asman substituted for Neil Cavuto again today (March 28, 2006) on Your World. Approximately 21 minutes into the show, the baby-faced Asman headed to a commercial break with this promotion for an upcoming segment: "If America had tortured Zacarias Moussaoui when they caught him in August of 2001, would 9/11 have been prevented?"

Seven minutes later he promoted the segment again: "Well, could 9/11 have been avoided if we had tortured Zacarias Moussaoui? After all, he was caught in August of 2001, [inaudible] lying to investigators so the evil plot could move forward."

After a break, Asman opened the segment - featuring Fox employee and Reagan-era crook, Oliver North - with this:

Well, the death penalty trial of Zacarias Moussaoui continuing today. Moussaoui stunning the court yesterday when he testified he was supposed to pilot a plane on 9/11 and ram it into the White House. Moussaoui was arrested August 16, 2001, just about a month before the September 11 attacks. He's now admitted to lying about his involvement in 9/11 so the attacks could go forward. So, would 9/11 have been prevented if we had simply tortured Moussaoui to get the truth out of him?

Asman asked North what he thought and North said: "Torture no," but "let's just you and I agree on the term 'harsh interrogation methods'." For example, you say, "If you don't answer me, I'm going to take you out and shoot you."

Comment: Amy Goodman interviewed Gary Hart, former Colorado senator and co-chair of the U.S. Commission on National Security, today on DemocracyNow! In the interview, Hart said that in early September, 2001 he spoke to the International Air Transportation Association in Montreal, Canada, and warned about terrorists attacks, which he believed would happen "sooner rather than later." He subsequently flew to Washington, D.C. and, five days before 9/11, met with Condoleezza Rice and issued the same warning, telling her to "please get going on Homeland Security." Rice told Hart she would talk to Dick Cheney but, according to Hart, "It went nowhere."

And don't forget that August 6, 2001 PDB about "bin Ladin determined to strike in U.S."

Fox is trying to desensitize us to the use of torture and to shooting people at will, which in and of itself is horrific, but it's also taking us farther and farther down the road of speculation and fantasy about Moussaoui and thus farther and farther away from a discussion about what truly might have prevented 9/11: a White House staffed with responsible, mature grownups!

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