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Fox Reports - Muslim Law - Mumble The Word 'Divorce' In Your Sleep Three Times And You're Divorced -- And That's A Funny Story, Folks

Reported by Donna - March 27, 2006

At the end of Studio B, if he has time, Shepard Smith will do a short segment called, 'And Then There's This...' It's supposed to be about a funny or witty incident that's happened in the world.

Well, this is what Fox found to be humorous. A Muslim couple, married for 11 years and having three children went to bed one night and as Smith said, "Something funny happened under the covers."

That 'something' was -- a divorce!

It seems according to Muslim law if a man says the word 'divorce' three times, the couple is officially divorced. This man apparently mumbled it in his sleep and Smith said somehow religious leaders in India got a whiff of this information and said the couple had to be separated, they were divorced.

What Smith found extremely funny? That the couple can get back together, but not until the woman has 'been' with another man and then divorced from him, then she can remarry the original husband.

Comments: I didn't find this funny at all. As a woman, I find it horrific. As Smith said, "Under Muslem law" this can take place. Women can be treated like chattel and dismissed with the superior male uttering the word divorce three times. But the further insult, to have to be with another man and then be divorced from him before she can remarry her original husband? I find it barbaric. Fox's brand of humor is sexist at best, possibly even bent on being cruel and insensitive to women.

If this is Muslem law, this is what is taking hold in Iraq right now. Remember that 'Democracy' word that keeps getting thrown around? No one ever says it's just for the men. They should. Women? Second class citizens, property at best.

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