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So Why Isn't FOX Covering All That Good News About Iraq?

Reported by Ellen - March 25, 2006

As Media Matters has noted, this week the conservative pundits launched an offensive about “media bias” in Iraq reporting that just happened to coincide with the launch of a White House PR blitz blaming the public’s disillusionment with the war on the “sensationalized” coverage that ignores the good news. This week on Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and G. Gordon Liddy viciously accused the media of misleading the public about the successes of the war. But I did not see one discussion this week (nor in many weeks) about the successes of the war on Hannity & Colmes. Why not?

Here are a few of the “highlights” of the conservative media criticism, mostly from FOX News personnel:

Thursday night, Hannity “wondered” how D-Day would have been reported by the mainstream media.

FOX News contributor Newt Gingrich responded that if today’s media was covering the American Revolution, they would have said “Thomas Jefferson had betrayed us by writing the Declaration of Independence and you’d have had the New York Times editorial board calling for an American surrender.”

Wednesday night, Hannity asked, “Why isn’t the message of success on the economy, the message of success in Afghanistan and Iraq, why does it not seem to be getting out that much?”

FOX News Contributor Bob Novak answered, “One reason is that the intensity of the hatred – and I use the word hatred advisedly – toward George W. Bush by Democrats and by some of the people in the media is just so intense and begins to have a kind of an effect on those who don’t hate him.”

Monday night, FOX News regular G. Gordon Liddy told Alan Colmes, “I actually think that there are some persons, including those in the news media, who would rather the United States lose a war than have history write that George W. Bush was a successful president.”

Since FOX News likes to brag about being “fair and balanced,” and since it’s obvious that Sean Hannity has a lot of input into what subjects Hannity & Colmes airs, why have we not seen any of this good news the rest of the media is so deliberately ignoring? A quick look at FOXNews.com has only two stories about Iraq, neither of them particularly positive. One says, “Report says Russian gov't used sources to provide Iraq with information on U.S. military movements, plans in 2003.” The other headline reads, "At Least 51 Dead in Iraq Attacks.”

For months (maybe years), Hannity has complained that Democratic criticism is harmful to troops’ morale (despite the fact that at least three military experts have told him otherwise) “during a time of war.” If that’s true, then wouldn’t the opposite be true, too – that reporting the otherwise ignored good news would uplift them? So how can Hannity justify spending a half hour on the Natalee Holloway case AGAIN Friday night (3/24/06) and completely ignoring the war altogether?

Ask FOX News why THEY aren’t covering all that good news about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?




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