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The Newest Target For The FOX News Hate Machine: The Freed Christian Peacemaker Team Hostages. Take Action Against The Smears

Reported by Ellen - March 24, 2006

Once again, the “We Like America” people at FOX News were ready to demonize the majority of their countrymen who disapprove of the war in Iraq. Last night on Hannity & Colmes (3/23/06), instead of painting their fellow Americans as traitors (as they had earlier in the week), FOX News contributor Newt Gingrich tried to color them as psychotics. For good measure, they threw in the Christian Peacemaker hostages to their lions den of denigration.

Sean Hannity claimed at the beginning of the discussion that he was glad the hostages had been rescued. Then, apparently satisfied he had met his nightly quota of good-heartedness, Hannity got right down to the business of smearing the hostages. “You know what really drives me nuts about this… not only were they not appreciative of the forces that got them out of there, they released this statement and they went on to attack the very forces that saved their lives.”

Here’s a link to the press release issued by the Christian Peacemakers Team upon the hostages’ release. There is no attack on the forces, just a statement against the war in Iraq. You can also see that just as Hannity & Colmes went on the air, CPT issued a thank you to the rescuers. So who’s attacking whom?

Gingrich said “Some people dislike President Bush or dislike the United States so deeply that they can’t face reality. We had this in the 1930’s when there were left-wingers who would lie about Stalin’s dictatorship, lie about the slave-labor camps in the gulag, because they were so anti-western that they couldn’t bring themselves to confront the truth… Now we see today almost a pathological inability among the part of these three people to confront the reality that it was the terrorists who captured them… I just think some people dislike America too much and dislike the west too much to deal honestly with reality. It’s almost a pathological psychology problem rather than an intellectual problem.”

Hannity “wondered” how D-Day would have been seen via the modern day media.

“Go all the way back to the American Revolution,” Gingrich answered. He claimed the “last great battle before Yorktown” would have been covered by the “national media in its current mindset as a sign that George Washington was a failure, America was never gonna become a free country, Thomas Jefferson had betrayed us by writing the Declaration of Independence and you’d have had the New York Times editorial board calling for an American surrender.”

Then it was Alan Colmes’ turn. Turning back to the hostages, he asked if they were really anti-US or anti-western just because they oppose the war.

Gingrich asked, “Why wouldn’t the so-called peace witnesses make some mention of the fact that it’s the terrorists who are killing innocent people? Why is it they only blame the west?”

Colmes put the blame for the Iraq war right back onto the Bush administration. “Peace activists may feel that we shouldn’t be in Iraq in the first place, we didn’t do a good job of protecting the borders of Iraq, we have an insurgency that by Dick Cheney’s own admission he didn’t plan for, the administration wasn’t ready for it. People are dying every day over there. And clearly, there is a bit of anger about what has been wrought in Iraq by failed policies.” (I just wish he had mentioned the WMD’s and Valerie Plame.)

Gingrich seemed a bit thunderstruck and had no response for several moments. Then he replied, lamely, “Wait a second. You’re saying that Iraq was better under Saddam?” Then he was right back to attacking the hostages. “Were any of these activists trying to protest Saddam?”

“That wasn’t the point.” Colmes asked where were the Republicans protesting Saddam when he gassed the Kurds. “I didn’t hear those Republican presidents say anything about it.” Alan, Alan! What about Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand?

Gingrich claimed that “we condemned” the gassing of the Kurds. “But my question for you, Alan, is why do these peace activists (he made it sound like a dirty word) not find it in their heart possible to protest violence against human beings by people other than the United States and Britain?”

“Look, you’re going after people who have been held hostage, who have been probably emotionally battered and bruised and they’re the victims here. Why should we be attacking THESE people?” Colmes added that the hostages may be very pro-American and very pro-western, just against the policies in Iraq.

“I’m not attacking them,” Gingrich answered disingenuously. Once again, he mischaracterized the press release. “I’m describing a press release which condemns the rescuers and ignores the terrorists as representing a psychological problem, not an intellectual problem.”

Colmes said it was about policy. “They are activists… They went and stood up for what they believed in and God bless them and thank God that at least some of them got back safely.”

“They could have said thank you,” Hannity peevishly said.

“Maybe they will,” Colmes said.

“They attacked them,” Hannity said angrily. “Seems a little ungrateful to me.”

Time for a break, then another attack on Hillary Clinton, followed by another on Yale University.

NOTE: Regular readers know that I believe we must stand up and fight against the daily hate spewing from FOX News and Sean Hannity. I have decided to focus on one advertiser each night that Hannity and FOX cross the line. Here’s the contact information for Verizon Communications, one of last night’s advertisers. I’ll post my email to the company as a comment.

And don't forget the Polk County, Iowa dinner. Do you think Hannity's hate represents heartland values? I don't. Let them know just what kind of speaker they have invited.


Verizon Communications
Corporate Headquarters
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007

Telephone: 800-621-9900

industry analyst relations, handles policy issues




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