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Jimmy Carter Speaks for Fidel Castro. Censure Him, Not Bush

Reported by Melanie - March 24, 2006

Neil Cavuto hasn't talked much about the resolution Russ Feingold introduced to censure George Bush:

The facts for censure are clear. FISA makes it a crime to wiretap American citizens on American soil without the requisite court orders – which is exactly what the President has admitted doing.

Until today (March 24, 2006) that is, when Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward (the right's answer to MoveOn.org) appeared on his show to promote censuring not Bush, but Jimmy Carter! The lies, misinformation, and hypocrisy contained in the segment were astonishing but in keeping with the "journalistic standards" employed at Fox News.

Cavuto began with this:

He has embraced Cuba's Fidel Castro, is a strong supporter of Venezuela's Bush-bashing president Hugo Chavez and stood arm-in-arm with Yassar Arafat against the US and Israel. Now, a conservative group says Russ Feingold is itching to censure a U.S. president and he should instead skip the president and target former president Jimmy Carter.

With that, Cavuto introduced Morgan.

Morgan said, "We're doing this because Senator Feingold obviously thinks its just fine for him to censure the President of the United States of America for wiretapping terrorists from overseas who are trying to contact people in this country. [See Feingold link and quote, above.] In fact, the majority of the American people suspect its a darn good idea. So I think he has the right idea, but the wrong president."

Cavuto: "Why Carter?"

Morgan: Because he has "advocated against the interests of the American people."

(Video began playing of Carter at the funeral of Coretta Scott King.)

Cavuto: "But, can you do this with a former president?"

Morgan: Yes. "The definition of c-e-n-s-u-r" [sic] is a "non-binding congressional resolution. It's like a strongly worded letter."

Cavuto: "So, with a strongly worded letter can you get someone to shut up?"

Morgan: He can say whatever he wants but we have the right "as fed up Americans to turn it back on him." It's just "disgusting" and "it's outrageous what this man has done."

Cavuto: "So, there's nothing binding with doing something like this; there's nothing to stop him from speaking for Hugh Chavez or Fidel Castro or any of the other stuff, right? He could still do what he wants, so what would this prove outside of being a PR gimmick?"

Morgan: It would prove that there are people "out there in the country who are sick and tired of the partisan political attack like Senator Feingold has made on the president of the United States and we can turn it right back around on him."

Cavuto: "Longer term" you think this "would send a message to Jimmy Carter just to quit yappin'?"

Morgan: I would "dearly love" to send a message to Jimmy Carter "just to sit down and be quiet and be an American" for a change.

Cavuto: Would "Democrats support this" or just Republicans?

Morgan: I think there are "a number of Democrats who are very upset the way he has been going all around supporting the tin pot dictators [Chavez was democratically elected] across the world and I think they would join us and support it." The "left-wing" is trying to "gather 250,000 signatures" to support Russ Feingold's effort so I think it's important for "patriotic Americans" to "go to CensureCarter.com" and "add their names in support of the war on terror and what this administration is trying to do."

Cavuto: Won't this "only heighten the appeal of a Jimmy Carter?"

Morgan: I don't think so. It's time that we "as a community shame people. Shaming is a very important concept, as Colin Powell told us."

(Emphasis added.)

Comment: As for a comment - I'm suffering from outrage fatigue (thanks to Paul Krugman for that perfectly descriptive term), so I'll leave commenting to you.

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