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To Aid Bush's Image - Hume Claims Afghan Christian Ordeal May Be Over - But Man Still Faces Death

Reported by Janie - March 23, 2006

Yesterday, during the opening segment of "Special Report with Brit Hume", Hume claimed "Afghanistan may have found a way to put out the brushfire of controversy that flared around the world around the possibility that a man could be put to death there for converting to Christianity." However, the segment immediately following this absurd statement never explained how the controversy might be over, and as of today, the man still faces the death penalty.

Hume introduced the segment, "It appears tonight that Afghanistan may have found a way to put out the brushfire of controversy that flared around the world around the possibility that a man could be put to death there for converting to Christianity. This as Fox News correspondent James Rosen reports on a day President Bush was drawn into the issue."

Hume turned the segment over to Rosen, who began to file his report with, "In a speech in Wheeling WV, President Bush said he expects the Afghan government to honor what he called the universal principle of freedom."

GB: "It is deeply troubling that a country we helped liberate is - would hold a person to account because they chose a particular religion over another."

Comment: You know what's even more troubling? That the leader of the Free World lied to us, once again. In January 2004, Bush had this to say about Afghanistan:

"We’re making good progress, we really are, in parts of the world. Afghanistan has now got a constitution which talks about freedom of religion and talks about women’s rights."

Yeah... and it appears that it says there IS no freedom of religion!

Rosen continued, "The President was referring to Abdul Rahman, the Afghan aid worker who faces possible execution for converting from Islam to Christianity. One audience member encouraged the president to look beyond Rahman's case."

AM: "Do you have an army of sociologists to go over there and change that country or are you hoping that in a couple decades that we can change the mindset over there?"

GB: "I appreciate the question, it's a very legitimate question. I, we have got influence in Afghanistan and we are going to use it to remind them there are universal values."

Comment: What are you going to do? Go to WAR? It seems as though Bush is willing to go to war to install "democracy" around the world, but when the people actually exercize that democracy (as they did in Palestine by electing Hamas, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq when they instituted Sharia) he only approves if they choose what he wishes.

JR: "In Kabul, local authorities seemed eager for a way out of the international incident so they suggested Rahman may be unfit to stand trial. 'We think he could be mad' a prosecutor told the Associated Press, 'he is not a normal person. He doesn't talk like a normal person.' Yet in a recent court appearance, the defendant appeared entirely cogent as he thumbed through his translated Bible, and testified anew to his faith."

Abdul Rahman: "I believe in Christianity, I believe in the holy spirit. I am a Christian."

JR: "At the State Department where a spokesman called yesterday only for transparency in the conduct of Rahman's case, the same spokesman said today it's dismissal would not by itself, resolve the issue... Rahman converted 16 years ago, but it was the recent denunciation by his wife, embroiled in a child custody dispute with him, that triggered his prosecution. Christian groups were instrumental in heightening awareness of the case, and today an earlier champion of Rahman's lamented that his predicament is hardly unique."

Jeff King: "But this happens in Saudi Arabia, this happens in Pakistan, a number of Islamic countries and you know, this needs to be spoken against."

JR: "And that, the Council on American Islam Relations did this afternoon, issuing a press release urging authorities to let Rahman go, and citing verse from the Koran that says 'let there be no compulsion in religion'."

And on that note, the segment was concluded. No mention that Bush has consistently hailed Afghanistan as a democracy, no mention that we went to war to liberate a nation and give them freedoms, which seems to have failed, and certainly no mention that Bush touted the Afghan Constitution as a success.

Now it appears Bush doesn't read PDBs, or the Constitution of governments he helps to create and has a stake in. Which leads me to wonder... has he actually read OUR Constitution?

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