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The Latest Hillary Pillory: They’re a Very Strange Couple

Reported by Ellen - March 23, 2006

FOX News’ obsessive-compulsive Hillary disorder raged on last night (3/22/06) on Hannity & Colmes. Last night’s fixation by “Real Journalism” FOX News was the split between Bill and Hill on the Dubai Ports deal. Sean Hannity enthusiastically introduced the segment by saying, “While Senator Clinton was out blasting the Bush administration over the deal, well, Bill Clinton was advising Dubai on how to seal the deal. And sources say Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can do to make sure that an embarrassing screw-up like that doesn’t happen again.” Say it isn’t so, Sean!

The sole guest was conservative Bob “My only regret about outing Valerie Plame is the problems it caused ME” Novak. Linda Tripp must have been unavailable. Novak’s theme for the night was that Bill and Hill are “a strange couple.”

Hannity, who has almost completely ignored any recent polls about Bush, quickly ditched the Bill and Hill angle in order to gleefully report a few polls about Clinton. With his concerned face, Hannity reported that only a third of New Yorkers would support Hillary’s run for president and that New Jersey voters prefer John McCain or Rudy Giuliani.

After claiming that “some Democrats” (I wonder how many) think they might be “going down a terrible path” with her, Novak said, “You know, Sean, it’s a very strange relationship. I mean, we in the media see so many odd things that nothing is so peculiar but I just gotta believe to Americans this question about the former president giving his wife veto power on his future conduct and their whole odd relationship. Is this what the Democratic Party really wants as their candidate for president?”

Hannity then decided to switch gears and ask “a political question.” Hannity touted a list of Bush accomplishments about the economy. "I don’t understand one thing. Why isn’t the message of success on the economy, the message of success in Afghanistan and Iraq, why does it not seem to be getting out that much?”

Translation: “Bob, I want you to start blaming Democrats now.”

Bob did not disappoint. He claimed there were several reasons. “One reason is that the intensity of the hatred – and I use the word hatred advisedly – toward George W. Bush by Democrats and by some of the people in the media is just so intense and begins to have a kind of an effect on those who don’t hate him.” He claimed that the 2000 election is “still in the craw of many Democrats. They just can’t accept this president as the legitimate thing.”

It was Alan Colmes’ turn just then and Colmes pointed out how the Clintons are stuck in the craw of so many Republicans. He added that Republicans must be scared of her or they wouldn’t keep going after her “every time she opens her mouth.”

Disregarding that Colmes was talking about Republicans, Novak said he thought the media gives her “a soft ride." He continued, “I think you have to agree, Alan, that this is a VERY STRANGE thing when she goes one way on the ports deal and her husband, getting big bucks, goes the other way, and then her aides are very easy to talk about how she has now got veto power over what Bill Clinton says. Isn’t it extraordinary?”

Colmes said that anyone running a campaign tries to stay on message and that either way she would be attacked: if they agreed on every issue, people would complain about that.

“Let me tell you something… I was talking to a Democratic consultant (same one Novak referenced above?) and he said, ‘You know, this is a very strange couple. Are we going to saddle the Democratic Party with this in the year 2008?’ I think that’s an open question. I don’t know the answer to it.”

One thing that’s not in doubt: Hannity, Novak and FOX News will find lots of excuses to denigrate the Clintons between now and then.

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