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Maybe The Big Story depends on what the definition of "big" is.

Reported by Chrish - March 23, 2006

This isn't the first time there's been disagreement over what constitutes "big". However, we all know not-so-big when we see it and today 3/23/06 The Big Story cobbled together a bunch of small and medium stories and stuck The Big One inconspicuously in the middle.

The lead story was the rescue of the three peace activists in Baghdad; Happy Iraq and this time we concur.

Following that were longish segments on the TN pastor who was murdered and whose wife and three kids have gone missing and an equally longish segment on "new" information on Natalee Holloway. I cringed when Gibson said in his blunt way "why aren't they digging it up" in referring to her remains. Teasers for fire at sea on cruise ship, Hillary Clinton.

After the break: a standoff at a neo-nazi "compound" in Florida, (in actuality a trailer with swastika flags; even after being corrected by the sherrif Gibson persisted in calling it a compound); teasers for upcoming missing boys and Hillary Clinton.

Mid-break Gibson comes on with a graphic teaser (in more ways than one) about an upcoming segment on strip clubs. Can't wait. More commercials.

After this break: Hillary Clinton on illegal immigrant legislation - is invoking the Bible a good idea for a potential presidential candidate? He's got to be kidding, right? Bob Beckel comes on to discuss; more on that in another post. Teaser for Barry Bonds book segment and Chief Justice Roberts authors first dissent.

The odious My Word: cops in Texas are arresting people in bars for being drunk. This government intrusion seems to hit a little too close to home for Gibson. He kids that this has even happened once or twice to him (getting drunk) - the crew cracks up. The banner says "Prohibition didn't work." Tell that to all the pot smokers and sellers in prison.

Headlines at the bottom of the hour from Patti Ann Brown: Cigarette may have caused fire on cruise ship; crashed tour bus in Chile not authorized; Bouncer Littlejohn pleads not guilty;

And a former FBI agent testified the confession given by Al Queda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui back in 2005 might have stopped the 9/11 attacks. He says the information would have helped investigators track down a number of the hijackers, putting an end to Al Queda's terrorist plot. The prosecution rested its case today. On his way out of court Moussaoui said he will testify whether his lawyers want it or not.

And back to the other stories: two missing boys in Milwaukee (missing since Sunday, grandpa caring for them while dad is in Iraq); Roberts authors his first dissenting opinion, discussed with Judge Andrew Napolitano. Dagan McDowell, FOX business analyst, is brought in to discuss whether it's proper for executives to expense meals and costs incurred at strip joints; of course this segment was accompanied by much video of scantily clad girls gyrating.
The teaser immediately following this segment included a shot of a model in underwear; Jane Skinner said "you gotta stop booking these segments, Gibson. "

The final segments were an interview with the authors of the book on Bonds' alleged steroid use; and finally the model on how she stays so "perfect" ( she only eats once a day and never after 4pm).

Your Word wraps up the show. None of the emails read are angry responses to the cruel insults made to Cindy Sheehan the day before, what a surprise.

Comment: I was surprised there was no "resetting" the big story midway, which is the norm, especially since it was a genuine Happy Iraq story. Damn mainstream media, not covering the good news!

And, oh by the way, Zacarias Moussaoui is going to testify. Nothing to hear, move alongy, look at the half-nude girl! These "look over here" distraction tactics are wearing thin; people want to know what's going on while they're looking the other way. The DPW deal made it clear to many that we need to be paying closer attention to what's really important. There's more of that on the horizon so keep focused.

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