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FOX's Iraq: The Future’s So Bright I Have To Wear Shades

Reported by Chrish - March 22, 2006

Happy days are here again – at least according to Fox Morning News during the 10 to 11 AM slot today 3/22/06. Bridget Quinn interviewed a Republican Congresswomen from Texas, Kay Granger about a group of Iraqi female legislators’ visit to the hallowed halls of Washington D.C.

Ms. Granger hosted a breakfast for these women and she was just brimming over with all the good things that they had to say about what’s happening in Iraq. She said that it’s important that women’s rights be preserved and the new Iraq constitution ensures that these rights will be protected.

Ms. Quinn then said that she already knew the answer; but she had to ask about the Iraqi women’s feelings about the US role in the liberation of Iraq. Ms. Granger said that they were very appreciative and that they say “things are different from what is reported.” Quinn asked if the violence is really leading up to a civil war, and Granger said that the women are “adamant that it is not a civil war” and the violence is a result of foreign fighters coming across the border from Syria. Next Quinn asked if there is a feeling that Iraq will break up, and Granger said that the women are “adamant” (she likes that word) that there will be a unity government. Quinn then inquired about what life was like for women under Saddam. Granger responded that there was “no hope” for these women and that they say “thank you, thank you to George Bush.” Quinn smiled and said, “well that really sums it up.”

Comment: This interview played like a page out a Republican Party talking points memo. Granger worked in the comment about the news being inaccurate and the wonderful new Iraq constitution – both points being constantly reinforced by Fox and any Republicans who appear on Fox. I found it odd that none of the Iraqi women had been invited to participate in the interview. Thus, whatever was said was strictly second hand. If the new Iraq is going to be controlled by the Shia Imams, I fear for the future of women in the new Iraq.

The second bit of happy news came from right wing radio host Mark Williams who was “debating” Leslie Marshal during a Q&A done by John Scott. You remember Mark:

"During an appearance on the August 22 edition of MSNBC's Hardball, radio talk show host and " 'Voices of Soldiers' Truth Tour" participant Mark Williams cited the "300,000 victims of Saddam's chemical weapons" to falsely imply that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at the time of the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 (from Media Matters).

Scott began the interview by asking Williams how the American people could be so skeptical when “Bush is optimistic and has a plan for victory.” Williams said that Americans think that we are losing the war because “they hear a daily drumbeat on the mainstream media.”

Scott then asked if “the daily litany is making people turn sour.” Just when you think that you’ve heard all the idiotic administration rationalizations, you hear something even more astounding. Here is Mark’s response: The violence is a “MADE FOR TV EVENT.” Yes, you heard it here folks, Williams said that all those car bombs and IED’s are planted near cameras as a form of propaganda!!!

According to Williams, the insurgents know a good photo op when they see one; and that the liberal American press will publish the pictures in order to undermine Bush. He then went on about the good news – school, hospitals (full of wounded and dead people!) and get this, kids playing soccer with American troops. Scott then asked, “are we winning and we just don’t know it?” Marshall then chimed in with the statement “Mark, are you smoking crack”?

She talked about the polls reflecting the fact that Americans are not stupid and realize the harsh reality of a war that “we are not winning.” She compared it to Vietnam at which point Williams said that “a couple of guys setting off car bombs is totally different from Vietnam.” Then more “talking points” about the Iraqis putting together a unity government now that they have turned away from what could have been a civil war; but is not. Marshall then said that if this is true, then we should leave Iraq as we are no longer necessary. Scott then asked, “are you advocating cutting and running?” She responded that if we stay until Bush leaves office, the next president would inherit a mess.

Scott then lobbed Williams a softball question about the “opening salvo” from yesterday’s press conference. The smarmy Williams said that “calling on the Mighty Midget was a stroke of genius as it served to knock down a propagandist.” (Comment: every word out of his mouth was pure propaganda.)

Summary: I have seen Williams before and he never fails to offend. He was part of the odious crew in the “you don’t speak for me, Cindy tour” with the equally odious Mark Gallagher and Janet Parshall of right wing radio. His comment about the violence being “staged “ for the liberal press was, in addition to being stupid, highly offensive to the families (American and Iraqi) for whom the daily violence is all too real.


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