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FOX Neanderthals Upset That Sexy Susan Sarandon Will Play Cindy Sheehan in Upcoming Movie

Reported by Marie Therese - March 22, 2006

Middle-aged Big Story host John Gibson and baby-faced FOX News Entertainment Guy, Bill McCuddy, held a snide little gossip-fest yesterday on the topic of the upcoming biopic The Cindy Sheehan Story. Neither man was happy about the fact that the stunning Susan Sarandon, of Bull Durham fame, has agreed to portray Sheehan. The segment was laced with sexism and infantile imaginings, but what can you expect from the hypocrites at the morally upright FOX News?

GIBSON: She is the poster child for the antiwar movement and one of the most outspoken critics of the Bush administration. Cindy Sheehan spent the three-year mark of the war yesterday at a concert to benefit antiwar groups. Actress Susan Sarandon was there, too. She, believe it or not, is set to play Sheehan in the upcoming movie and biopic, The Cindy Sheehan Story - can you imagine? Also in attendance - our Entertainment Guy Bill McCuddy. So, is this a done deal?

McCUDDY: Well, it's being talked about as though it's a done deal but there's no script. There's no other cast beside Susan, so far. We don't know who's gonna play anyone and we're gonna require a little make-up for Susan not to be rude but it's - there's gonna have to - do a little altering to get the - uh - resemblance in the ball park. (smiles)

GIBSON: Well, there's no necessity for Susan to end up looking like Cindy Sheehan, is there?

McCUDDY: Well, yeah, that's gonna be the idea and how excited her (brief VCR glitch) are that she's gonna take on that look on is yet to be determined.

GIBSON: Did you - uh - did you speak to the actual Cindy Sheehan?

McCUDDY: I did and we talked a little bit about whether she was excited that this was gonna happen, that Susan, her new pal, who's going around with her, basically on a ride-along to learn more about Cindy, but also because she - you know, they both feel very deeply about this, this project - that she's excited about Susan portraying her and obviously it's going to raise more awareness for the death of her son.

GIBSON: Did she - uh - did she give you a long interview?

McCUDDY: Uh - we had one question, basically. We were - uh ...

GIBSON: She walked away from you?

McCUDDY: We took the FOX News flag off the microphone so that - uh - we could try and talk to Susan Sarandon and Susan was very cordial to most of the folks there. I did ask, for example, though, if they didn't get Susan, who her second choice would be to play her and - uh - and they didn't take to much to that, so ...

GIBSON: You didn't get an answer to that one?

McCUDDY: No. I didn't get - uh ...

GIBSON: Alright. Why would Susan Sarandon want to play Cindy Sheehan?

McCUDDY: Well, I think she thinks that this is a very important role and a very important story to be told. I don't imagine, though, however, that it will - and I don't mean to be unkind - end up anywhere besides Lifetime or perhaps one of the networks or probably a cable network, and - uh - so it's, it's not a huge prestige project ...

GIBSON: So you don't see it as a blockbuster?

McCUDDY: No. I - no, I don't. I mean, I think it's a - it's a - the story of what has happened to Cindy Sheehan after her son's death is fascinating, more so than they probably will tell, but she seems programmed now, not unlike a politician. She's been speaking for quite some time now and she's gotten good at it. She has handlers and that whole story of how she's packaged ...

GIBSON (overtalks last 7 words) : There's been a lot of criticism of Cindy Sheehan. I mean, a lot has come out about her personal life, her relationship with her son ...

McCUDDY: It's cost her her marriage.

GIBSON: Cost her her marriage. All that stuff.

McCUDDY: Whether the move will be warts and all I doubt and that would be interesting, to show the sacrifices that she's made personsally in addition to the loss of her son and the criticism she's gotten, for example, for laying on his grave and being photographed in Vanity Fair magazine - these are some of the incidents that I'm not sure will make it to the screen.

GIBSON: Um - uh - why would Hollywood want to make a movie that doesn't - you know - is just gonna go straight to Lifetime or isn't going to be a money maker?

McCUDDY: Well, I think they think this is a story that needs to be told and that it's a good way to protest the war effort, besides unveiling stamps, which they did last night, that you can buy with a peace symbol and a little yellow ribbon on it.* This is one more way to get that message across and Susan Sarandon is obviously somebody who believes in it very, very deeply.

GIBSON: Alright. Speaking of the news making it onto the silver screen (slight smile) so - the Deb LaFave story?

McCUDDY (smiles broadly); Oh, man!! Now, that we'll sell tickets to!! Oh, yeah!!!

FOX then aired full-screen photo of admitted sexual predator and "bi-polar" future journalist, Debra LaFave, posed in a scant bikini seated provocatively astride a red, black and silver Harley Davidson. The photo was taken three years ago as part of the ad campaign for a local motorcycle dealership and, I am sure, has since been posted in men's locker rooms, biker bars, garages and pool halls throughout America!

McCUDDY (laughing): Christina Applegate's already probably calling her agent and saying: "Don't I look an awful lot like this girl? Let's go!!" (off screen sound of Gibson hitting something lightly three times)

GIBSON (laughing): Now, that's a hit!

McCUDDY: "Get me a meeting tomorrow!!!" (more hitting sounds)

GIBSON (laughing): That's a hit story!

McCUDDY (broad smile): Yeah! That's - I think we're all gonna go see that one!!

GIBSON (smiling broadly): Alright! Bill McCuddy, our Entertainment Guy. Bill, as always, thank you!


What's left to say? Their own words condemn these two smarmy, sophomoric jerks!

if you'd like to give FOX News or John Gibson a piece of your mind, here is the contact information:

FOX: comments@foxnews.com

GIBSON: myword@foxnews.com

* To buy the 100% legitimate "Bring Them Home Now" U. S. postage stamp, go to Good Storm: Capitalism Done Right

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