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Covered on Fox - Military Father Tells Bush 'He Thanks God Mr. Bush Is Our Commander In Chief'

Reported by Donna - March 22, 2006

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today, he went to Wendall Goler at the White House for a report on President Bush's latest speech today before a military audience in West Virginia.

Of course we didn't see or hear specific clips of Democrats, only the president, but Goler did manage to work in an effusive father whose son is in the military who said that he thanked God that Mr. Bush is the Commander in Chief.

The brief segment follows.

The following is my transcript between Shepard Smith and Wendall Goler:

Shepard Smith: The President of the U.S. back on the road today. The president trying to do something about these polls. (Comment: What? I thought the president didn't care about polls?) The polls indicate that the people are losing confidence in the president and what he's trying to do is get it back.

And he's doing that, as Brit Hume put it, from his bully pulpit, to try to get out there and make the case that this war is one worth fighting and it's one that we can win. All of this was just a day after he said that the military could be there until the next Commander In Chief is sworn in. (Comment: Actually, the president said withdrawal would be decided by future presidents -- plural)

Team Fox coverage continues with Wendall Goler at the White House, Wendall?

Wendall Goler: Shep, for the third day in a row the president talked about the progress he sees in Iraq and took questions to defend his decision making. He called himself the Educator in Chief, made clear his aim right now is to counter the media's tendency to focus more on the violence than the positive developments in Iraq. (Comment: Excuse me, but two Fox Contributors yesterday said he should not be blaming the media for the violence in Iraq)

Mr. Bush spoke to a group (Comment: specifically, a mostly military families group) in Wheeling, West Virginia. It was the friendliest audience he faced all week. (Comment: Of course on the other days when he got a tough question, he didn't answer it, he completely changed the subject) One military dad said he he thanked God Mr. Bush is Commander In Chief. the president said his optimism is based on a realistic appraisal of the war. (Comment: Where this realistic appraisal is coming from wasn't disclosed)

Cut to video of President Bush:

"I'm an optimistic guy. I believe we'll succeed. Let me tell you this, put it to you this way, if I didn't think we'd succeed, I'd pull our troops out."

Wendall Goler: The president said he understands there is deep concern among Americans about whether we can win in Iraq. Polls indicate support for the war and for his leadershp has fallen while concerns have grown that Americans will be trapped in the middle of a civil war in Iraq. Democrats note three months after the national elections, Iraqi's leaders still haven't formed a government that will pull the country together. (Comments: Well, the Democrats got one sentence) And Mr. Bush indicated even his patience is being tried by that.

Cut to video of President Bush:

"I spoke to our ambassador today and General Casey via video conferencing and we talked about the need to make it clearer to the Iraqis, it's time. It's time to get a government in place that can start leading this nation and listen to the will of the people."

Wendall Goler: Mr. Bush aknowledged lawmakers commanded that Iraqis pick up more of the load. He said it's time Iraqi Security Forces start taking the lead, after all, it's their future, Shep.

Comments: This whole segment sounded like a Bush apologist piece. From the military father expressing his thanks to God that Bush is the Commander in Chief to the president saying how 'optimistic' he is and that we will succeed. I guess the fair and balanced was the one sentence they allowed the Democrats.

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