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Can You Say FOX News Double Standard?

Reported by Ellen - March 22, 2006

Hannity & Colmes (3/21/06) chose to completely ignore the Zacarias Moussaoui trial along with the news that the FBI agent who arrested him has testified how his superiors in Washington repeatedly blocked his attempts to learn whether Moussaoui was part of a larger terrorist cell about to hijack planes in the United States. Instead, H&C spent 27 minutes, the entire first half of the show, on Debra Lafave, the former middle school teacher who had an affair with a 14-year-old student. I’m sure it was the legal issues that FOX News found so compelling not the photos of the beautiful, bikini-clad, provocatively-posed Lafave. They were only displayed on the screen to drive home the point of what a depraved young woman she is.

Hannity and FOX News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle couldn’t stop complaining about the “double standard” that allowed Lafave to make a plea bargain that avoided a jail sentence.

“She’s a dirty rapist in my book,” the viperish Kimberly Guilfoyle complained.

“Seems to be getting off scot free,” Hannity griped. He went on to say, “I really think most people see this and they find this repugnant.”

But whoever is in charge of putting graphics on the screen must have a great sense of humor. Either that, or he or she has no sense of timing. Because just as Hannity spoke about people being repulsed, the screen showed the first of the bikini photos of Lafave draped decorously on a motorcycle.

"I think we're missing something here," Colmes said, as another photo appeared. This time, she was leaning invitingly over the bike.

Guilfoyle did her best to drum up hate for Lafave despite the alluring images on the screen. “Give her the treatment, make her do the time,” Guilfoyle shrilled, with glances at the camera every now and then.

Guilfoyle, with a new FOX News show to promote, could hardly stand to let anyone else speak without interrupting them in order to demonstrate her own remarkable powers of clairvoyance that allowed her to read and understand Lafave’s devious mind. “She won today. Look at her right there. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. She manipulated this child for her own sick and twisted advantage. That’s what she is. She’s a classic manipulator.” Takes one to know one, eh?

Sean Hannity was so incensed, I could only conclude that Lafave must be a Democrat. “Bottom line message here is this. If you’re a male and you do this with a 14-year-old girl, you’re going to jail which, by the way, is the right thing to have happen. But if you’re cute, you’ve got a nice figure, pretty and you’re blonde, you don’t go to jail.” He yelled, “What about fairness under the law?”

Comment: When was the last time Hannity & Colmes concerned itself with a missing person who wasn’t pretty and blonde?

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