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What's The Matter With Sean Hannity And What You Can Do About It

Reported by Ellen - March 21, 2006

As a follow up to last night's post, we had a few discussuions around the News Hounds' virtual water fountain and came up with some new ideas. First of all, let me make clear that I'm a vigorous defender of free speech and debate. However, for Sean Hannity to demonize his fellow countrymen as un-American because they disagree with him (and let's face it, there are plenty of Republicans speaking out against the war and other Bush policies), is not only un-patriotic, it's dangerous in a time of war. While I would never want the government to intervene, that doesn't mean a little old-fashioned peer pressure wouldn't be appropriate.

Thanks to Janie, I found out Hannity is scheduled to make a special appearance at the Polk County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner on April 29th. I hope you will all join me in emailing the Polk County Republican Party and letting them know the kind of un-American rhetoric Sean Hannity has been making about the majority of Americans who disagree with the war in Iraq. Given that so many Republicans as well as Democrats have spoken out against Bush, perhaps the Polk County Republicans will want to reconsider. exdir@polkgop.com

In my email to them, I highlighted this quote: "There used to be a time where the left cared about humanity, about security, about liberty. But obviously that's not the case anymore because if they had had their way, and now we're talking about the appeasement-minded, surrender-minded Democrats of today."

And I noted that Hannity also made the false claim that dissent hurts our troops' morale despite the fact that G. Gordon Liddy had just told him otherwise and the fact that General Tommy Franks, Colonel Oliver North and General Paul Vallely told him the same thing in recent weeks on the same show.

ADVERTISERS. I don't usually like to attack people in the pocketbook but I believe that Hannity has gone over a line that must be drawn in the sand right now. Thanks to Judy, here is a list of advertisers from last night's show.

Lamisil, manufactured by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation,
1-888-669-6682. Judy got through to their customer service line and they
took her complaint. Gina Moran is executive director of public and media
relations, at 1-862-778-5567.
Home Oxygen 2-u, 1800-725-6171
Cialis, www.cialis.com, 1-877,4-cialis
Go To My PC, 1-888-999-1880, www.gotomypc.com
Lending Tree, 1-866-424-6345, www.lendingtree.com
e-loan, 1-800-eloan.abc, www.eloan.com
Bell and Howell Solar Powered Flash Lights, 1800-372-1400, www.emsontv.com
Faraday Flashlight, 1-800-865-0621, www.faradayflashlight.com
Hoveround Power Chair, 1-800-965-8338
Serv Pro, 1-800-ServPro
The Jewelry Exchange, 1-800-441-0715, www.jewelryexchange.com
ondirectv magazine, 1-866-591-5556 (murdoch owned)
Relacore, 1800-704-6561, www.feelgoodpill.com
Capital One, www.capitalone.com

Also, check out the website Ad Nausea, which has a list of some other Hannity advertisers:
Select Comfort
Ruth's Chris Steak House (guest comments page)

Note: Ad Nausea also has a list of O'Reilly sponsors.

Let them know what you think but, PLEASE, take the high road by being polite and respectful. We'll be much more persuasive if we sound rational, have facts to back up our argument and don't look like we have an axe to grind.

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