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Shepard Smith Says President Sounds Angry - Guests Say President Should Be Concilatory

Reported by Donna - March 21, 2006

A surprising segment on Studio B with Shepard Smith today. Smith and his two guests, Juan Williams from NPR, who is a regular Fox News Contributor and Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, who is also a frequent Fox News Contributor.

The surprise was that they all spoke out against the course that President Bush. has taken as of late.

Smith started out by talking about Republican lawmakers wanting a change, they wanted things shaken up. Juan Williams referred to the Fred Barnes article over the weekend that said he could see Cheney or Lieberman taking over the Pentagon. Smith asked him what the political thinking was. Williams said the president had his second press conference of the year and he was trying to encourage Americans to be optimistic and that he (the president) does have a strategy for victory. But Juan Williams said the president didn't say what that strategy was. (Comment: Pretty typical if you ask me)

Williams also went on to say that the president said that the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would be left up to future U.S. presidents and leaders of Iraq. Williams also added that there were a lot of fingers being pointed around town at Donald Rumsfeld, not only for not going into the war with enough troops but also blaming him for the 'Mission Accomplished' fiasco.

That's when Smith said, "The President seemed angry." Williams pointed out that the president put the blame on the press but for the press not to take it as criticism. Williams said the president said that the press will play up the deaths of soldiers and play right into the hands of terrorists. Williams called the president a "Monday Morning Quarterback" who should be saying, 'I'm in touch, I'm sympathetic, I'm understanding. But, he added, we weren't hearing that from the president.

Michael O'Hanlon was even more vehemous about this particular point. He said that blaming the media for the violence was going too far, things weren't going well in Iraq and the president needed to stop blaming the media.

Smith asked O'Hanlon if it helped or hurt the president. O'Hanlon said that Operation Swarmer had not helped, he didn't know if it would end up good or bad, but things weren't going well and the president had to live up to that. He said the president was doing good jawboning but good things aren't happening. He added that things were not going good on the ground and he (the president) should not be trying to fool the American people that things are going well, they aren't.

Comment: Whew! What a surprising segment on Fox's Studio B today. So now we do the analysis. Is Fox siding with the Republican lawmakers and trying to distance them from the president and his failed policies? I'm not sure, that's why we report, you decide.

Have a good one!

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