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News Hounds To Sean Hannity and FOX News: Have You No Sense Of Decency?

Reported by Ellen - March 21, 2006

Monday night (3/20/06), in several Hannity & Colmes discussions ostensibily about the third anniversary of the war in Iraq, Sean Hannity chose not to discuss the war nor defend it but to savagely attack Democrats and paint THEM as the national enemy. News Hounds calls on all Americans to stand up and demand an end to that kind of demagoguery.

It's a typical Hannity tactic to blame Democrats whenever he can't defend the president but now he is trying to make us into enemies of the state. I think he has crossed a dangerous line.

Here are a few excerpts of what Hannity and some of his fellow FOX contributors had to say last night:

Hannity: “There used to be a time where the left cared about humanity, about security, about liberty. But obviously that's not the case anymore because if they had had their way, and now we're talking about the appeasement-minded, surrender-minded Democrats of today.”

Hannity: “(Democrats) manufacture reasons – create a double standard and hypocrisy… Isn’t it about getting their power back?”

FOX military analyst Lt. Col. Bill Cowan agreed. “No question about that.”

Later, with FOX News contributor G. Gordon Liddy, Hannity claimed, “I could spend an hour just running through the list of attacks almost from day one by the Democrats against the troops, against their effort, against their president – everything from calling him a liar on a daily basis to John Kerry accusing them of terrorizing women and children in the dark of night. How are the troops reacting to that?”

Liddy replied that the troops “just write all that stuff off to politics. Their morale is very, very high.”

Hannity ignored Liddy’s answer and continued. “At what point do we say you are undermining the troops, you are hurting their leader, that this is beyond political discourse, this is hurtful to what they’re doing, their effort?”

Hannity hypocritically “forgot” his own critical remarks about the war effort when our troops were in harm's way in Kosovo under Bill Clinton:

3/24/99: "My question to you is from all reports that I have been able to dig up, 2,000 killed in Kosovo in the last year. We keep hearing the president refer genocide, ethnic cleansing, comparisons to Adolf Hitler. Is the president purposefully using propaganda and hyperbole to garner the American public for support?"

3/26/99: All right, Lucian Truscott, aren't you being disingenuous? Every day now with the president and vice president this Hitler analogy. You know what? That's all propaganda. That's misinformation.

4/5/99: "Colonel, I guess this is why it's so ill-conceived from the very beginning. You know, they didn't anticipate that his popularity would rise. They didn't anticipate that he would beef up his reign of terror, if you will, against the ethnic Albanians. They didn't anticipate the refugee problem, and they didn't anticipate that they would also run out of bombs. So it seems that we're talking about a very ill-conceived military action here. And now the question is, do you go in further and deeper, or do you pull back and rethink what the strategy's going to be here, because there has really been no stated goal, mission or objective."

Liddy added a few of his own smears. “I actually think that there are some persons, including those in the news media, who would rather the United States lose a war than have history write that George W. Bush was a successful president.”

When pressed by Alan Colmes to name those people, Liddy answered, “NBC, NBC, (sic) CBS, CNN – that crowd.”

Hannity told guest Lawrence Korb, from the Center for American Progress, “I’m not against honest criticism. I make my living with the First Amendment. But what do our enemies, what do our allies, what do our troops think? This is the rhetoric that I’m talking about that’s over the line.” He added, “Every prominent Democrat… (calls) the president basically a liar every day… That hurts our troops. It gives comfort to our enemies.”

Oh, really? G. Gordon Liddy just told him otherwise. And it wasn’t only Liddy. Several military officers have told Hannity (who never served) the same thing: General Tommy Franks, Col. Oliver North, General Paul Vallely. Hannity never argued with any of them.

As guest Lawrence Korb tried to respond, Hannity kept interrupting him to bully and berate: Answer my specific comments! (though Korb was trying) Are you proud of (Democrats') comments?

Korb answered that he’s proud to live in a country “where people can speak their mind and say what they believe.”

Hannity jabbed his finger and falsely claimed that Democrats “call our troops terrorists.”

In another segment, Hannity was more explicit in his attempts to make Democrats look un-patriotic. He called a leaked memo from Harry Reid "sinister" because it strategized about staging town hall events at military bases, weapons factories, National Guard units, fire stations and veterans posts. Hannity said, “It seems that they want to use our very heroes, prop ‘em up, put a flag in the background and use it for a big PR campaign to get their power back. It’s stunning and it takes your breath away.” Hannity added, “The fact that they have to tell them to say the pledge, the fact that they have to spell out have the American flag here…”

Deliberately trying to divide the country as Hannity does, especially during a time of war, is un-American enough, but deliberately demonizing those he disagrees with while wrapping himself in the cloak of patriotism is nothing short of despicable.

FOX News’ CEO Roger Ailes says, “We like America.” I believe it's time that Democrats, progressives, liberals and everyone else who loves our country demand that he start honoring those words along with those of Thomas Jefferson: Dissent is patriotic. I also call on all our readers (even the conservatives) to ask our leaders to publicly condemn this kind of hate speech from Americans about Americans on national TV. Here are a few links as suggestions. Please be polite and respectful. I’m going to post some of my emails to these people in another post.




Senator John McCain

Senator Chuck Hagel

President Bush

Senator Harry Reid

Your senators (name.senate.gov)

Keith Olbermann countdown@msnbc.com

NOTE TO READERS: This thread is for taking constructive action only. Any insults will be deleted.

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