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A Smack-Down Between NYC Councilman Charles Barron And Sean Hannity Comes Close To Real Smacks

Reported by Ellen - March 18, 2006

New York City Councilman Charles Barron came on Hannity & Colmes last night to challenge Sean Hannity on his bigoted attacks the night before on a seven-year-old girl and Barron, himself. (See my previous post for the details.) Regular readers know that I have often complained about Hannity’s intolerance toward African-Americans. Barron’s savvy confrontation of both the substance and style of Hannity’s bias was long overdue and it did not disappoint.

Hannity started the discussion by addressing the issue that is always at the front of his mind whenever there’s an African-American guest who’s not a Republican: Whether or not they treat white people well enough. One of Hannity’s gripes against the little girl was that she told white students to sit down during a presentation to a Westchester school. “If any student that was white was giving a presentation at a school, and he said to the students, ‘Excuse me, no, no, no, you African-Americans, you Hispanic-Americans, you Asian-Americans, you sit down. Only fellow white students stand up.’ Wouldn’t that be racist?”






“You’re wrong!”

Fingers were pointed in faces and the conversation stayed just that heated throughout.

Barron said a lot of things that a lot of other people should say to Hannity. “Do you like answers to your questions or do you want to do a monologue?” He told Hannity, “Let me tell you what happened that you left out with your terrible reporting. One, there was a battle between the black and brown students the day before. So she came the next day, first day during Black History Month and said, ‘Listen, you white students stay seated. I want to talk to the students that were fighting… the day before.’ And she said, ‘Stand up. Pledge not to fight each other. Be good about your heritage. Learn more about your history. Love one another,’ because they were embattled. She should be given an award.”

Hannity didn’t dispute a single fact. Preening before the camera, Hannity did what he always does when faced with a capable debater: He changed the subject and spewed as much hate as he could, in this instance accusing Barron of being a bigot.

But Barron knew Hannity's tricks and didn't fall for a single one of them. “The only racist in this studio is you,” Barron said. “You don’t even know what racism is.”

“I’m looking at one,” Hannity said.

Alan Colmes had to put his arm around Barron to get his attention. “Don’t hit him,” Colmes said, presumably addressing Barron. When he finally had the chance to begin his portion of the interview, Colmes started by saying, “I don’t think a white person can know the black experience.” Hannity interrupted by saying something peevish (all I made out was the tone), then smiled smugly into the camera.

As Barron continued to accuse Hannity of racism, Colmes, perhaps trying to defuse the situation said, “Sean is not a racist." He added, “We should be able to have an intelligent debate without calling the person you’re debating a racist.”

Barron, unfazed, said, “That’s what he did! …Did he call a little seven-year-old a racist, Alan?” Comment: Yes, Hannity did.

“He’s wrong,” Colmes said. “But that doesn’t make him a racist.” (Hannity smirked into the camera.)

Comment: No, THAT doesn’t make him a racist but his non-stop accusations against blacks he decries as “racists,” his preoccupation with whether or not they have treated whites fairly, his lack of concern for the Katrina victims (Who can forget him telling Shepard Smith, “Let’s get some perspective here,” as Smith was describing the suffering?), his incessant focus on demonizing one African-American after another and his complete lack of interest in any issues that are of concern to the black community leaves no doubt in my mind that the man is a bigot. It’s about time that African-Americans started calling him on it.

I hereby dub Charles Barron our next News Hounds top dog.

Update: FOX has the video posted on the Hannity & Colmes page of its website. Look in the box on the right-hand side for a segment called "Controversial Verse." FOX may move the video either onto the main page of H&C (unlikely) or under the Hannity & Colmes section of the "FREE VIDEO" box on the right.

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