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Dick Morris: What’s Going On In Iraq Is Not A Civil War, It’s A Negotiation. The Iraqis Negotiate By Blowing Up Mosques.

Reported by Ellen - March 17, 2006

Dick Morris outdid himself in the whopper department last night (3/16/06) on Hannity & Colmes. He started off with a run-of-the-mill FOX News lie when, in a discussion about Russ Feingold’s resolution to censure President Bush, Morris falsely claimed, “The public overwhelmingly supports Bush on the wiretapping issue.” (See Media Matters for proof that Morris’ claim is wrong.) Then, as the discussion segued to Iraq, Morris made the astonishing statement that blowing up mosques is just the Iraqi way of negotiating.

Sean Hannity was banging on the desk again as he insisted that Republicans need to put Iraq “in the prism of history.” “History will put this whole war and this battle against terror in its proper perspective, will it not?”

Morris replied, “I know a fair amount about what’s going on in Baghdad right now because I’ve been doing some work there. And what is going on is not a civil war, it’s a negotiation. The French negotiate by having riots in the streets. The Iraqis blow up each other’s mosques.”

That caused an uncharacteristic groan from Alan Colmes, who usually remains silent during Hannity’s portion of the interview. When it was his turn, Colmes asked incredulously how Morris could call the “bombings of mosques… the targeting of civilians by some of the Shi’ites… the corpses being dragged through the street” a negotiation.

Morris smugly answered, “Yup, I sure do, Alan. I didn’t invent the Iraqi style. You know, they say, Divorce Italian style? (He smiled at his own joke) This is negotiation Iraqi style. What’s going on right now is, the Shi’ites and the Sunnis are trying to get the upper hand militarily, in the street, so as to get the upper hand in the coalition government… What’s going on now is, they’re fighting over oil revenues… What’s going on now is, basically, a financial negotiation but they’re an immature democracy. They’re not used to the ways of the world. And whereas Americans threaten censure and impeachment and shut the government down, the Iraqis blow up mosques. But this is part of the democratic process going on.”

Morris told Colmes it will go on until the coalition government is formed “and then it won’t.”

Morris went on to call Russ Feingold “A left-wing flake. It’s hard to describe someone as the biggest flake in the Democratic minority but he is.”

Look who’s talking!

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