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There Is No Hypocrisy In The Kingdom O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - March 16, 2006

Bill O'Reilly reported tonight that CBS was fined 3.6 million dollars for showing explicit sex before 10PM and then showed the same scene on The O'Reilly Factor between 8 and 8:30 PM. Robin Bronk, Creative Coalition, had the opportunity to respond to O'Reilly's deep concern for the poor "unsupervised" kids who might have been corrupted by CBS's poor programming choice. 3/16/06

O'Reilly warned his viewers about the video clip showing a very raunchy teenage orgy taken from the CBS show , Without A Trace. It showed a teenage boy wide eyed and shaken watching a room full of undulating bodies, in various stages of nudity, drinking, heaving and thumping. A semi bare breasted young woman, centrally placed in the frame, was sandwiched between two guys who were touching her while pouring a bottle of liquor down her throat. O'Reilly confidently assured his audience that this was not a gratuitous airing of sex but essential to the report.

It seems that CBS showed this scene at 10 PM ET but it was seen in the other time zones before the legal cut off. O'Reilly was outraged at CBS because the unsupervised teens might turn it on and think it looked like fun and copy the behavior.

Robin Bronk claimed that she wouldn't want her kids to see it and would make sure she supervised their viewing adding that she didn't want the government in her living room. O'Reilly claimed that it was okay for cable to do whatever they wanted because people paid for it but the networks were regulated by the government and therefore the content of programs should be controlled.

I'm wondering about all those kids that O'Reilly claims have avidly read his book for them about values and morals. Do they watch The O'Reilly Factor at 8 PM Eastern and earlier? How many young O'Reilly viewers are calling their friends to come over for a drunken orgy because they saw it on The Factor and it looked like a good time. No doubt the kids who have read O'Reilly's book have been transformed into virtuous, teenage super beings just as Bill O'Reilly has risen above hypocrisy. Oh besides, it was on cable so it's okay.

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